Posted by came out. I love them all for what they bring-something to do, I like the type of game, makes me think working out puzzles and clues. A boring game or one that I cannot figure out makes me crazy and I quit and go back later. I always catch myself thinking why don't they make more of these, why did they make more of these, why don't they re-do this series, stuff like that. That being said, I played only the Harry Potter games of this list. They were good but done too soon. Sure you can go back and play again, but the best part was being able to run around the grounds and the castle. Bad part was someone saying don't you need to go there or do this and such. I wish when a game says free play, then why can I not go and play where I want and not be told to go somewhere. It's why I like some of the racing games. Just drive around doing what you want to do.

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