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The latest incarnation of the venerable series with a 5-year mission, “To boldly go where no one has gone before”, returns to the small screen. As it launches into the Roddenberry-Universe with another Federation crew and a new voyage 51-years in the making as Star Trek: Discovery.

Star Trek: Discovery Undiscovered Country

The story begins as Lieutenant Michael Burnham searches a barren desert with her superior Captain Georgiou. They’re keen to find a drop of life-giving water on the planet that’s been bereft of it for 89 years. High above them looms an undetected ship with a crew that can desolate them without a warning.

It’s exactly what the travelers intend who are Klingon.

A species bent on domination, not unlike the decision-makers at CBS, according to disheartened fans. A fan base loyal to the Star Trek franchise who are tasked with an option to pay to play.

A Warrior Race

On the deck of the U.S.S. Shenzhou, Captain Georgiou, Burnham and the Shenzhou crew happen upon the identifiable object. Lt. Burnham firmly acknowledges the anomaly should be investigated.

Soon, Michael surmises the crew has found an alien spacecraft. When her half-Vulcan side spurs her to act after she finds herself face to face with a warrior Klingon.

The Shenzhou First Officer dispatches the Klingon but survives, floating through space. While her helmet is cracked and her vital signs fading from irradiation.

Vulcan Backstory, Deathly Foes—Star Trek: Discovery Undiscovered Country

Michael wakens from a dream that reintroduces the Star Trek character, Sarek. The lieutenant seeks counsel from Sarek about how to defeat an enemy. A race of warriors few had lived to tell about once they were encountered.

Lt. Burnham recounts a piece of Vulcan history where Vulcans met a similar fate when they met the Klingons. A Vulcan is caught off-guard once, but never twice, Michael relates. As her people addressed the Klingons in a language they could respect. The Vulcans attacked in a ruse they called, “The Vulcan Hello”.

Georgiou warns an attack on the Klingons without provocation is dangerous and unwarranted. Michael passionately recounts her parents were killed by the Klingons. The remembrance convinced the Lieutenant the only choice to destroy them.

Burnham uses her influence as the Captain’s ‘Number One’, to rouse the crew into action. The First Science Officer, Saru, and the Captain question Michael’s motivations. When a signal from the uncloaked Klingon ship emits. In picoseconds, Burnham, Saru and the Starfleet crew are swarmed by Klingon spacecraft.

The Future of Star Trek: Discovery Against a Wall

Outgunned and outmaneuvered, the crew of the Shenzhou faces a mortal combat worthy of the fabled Kobayashi Maru. A fate diehard fans can relate to following a CBS Network announcement future episodes of Discovery will air only on its All Access offering.

Viewers can choose between a monthly, no-commitment plan or a year-round plan. As cord-cutters sentiment runs the gamut between elation to resistance in latching onto another pay-per-view service. Mentions of incomplete streaming, commercial interruptions and the unavailability of current season episodes continue to disrupt the All Access experience.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 and the 2018-2019 Season 2 will continue to air behind a pay-wall at

Should the fan series spin-off with another pay tier? Weigh in at CBS’ Facebook page and let your voice be heard.

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