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Most people have slept on AMC's tech drama Halt And Catch Fire, critics included. With the start of the fourth and final season on August 19th, now is the time to binge and get caught up with the best thing you're not watching.

Some of the greatest TV shows in the history of great TV shows can be dull as anything. Did you see the first season of Mad Men? Or Breaking Bad? Or the first few episodes of Game Of Thrones, for that matter. How about the time and dedication you put into watching and understanding The Wire only to nearly really be absorbed and always having to be alert and working to digest what was happening. This did not make any of these bad shows. In fact, they are some of the most popular and critically acclaimed shows of all time.

Basically, my point is, sometimes you have to put a bit of time into a show before you start to get something out of it. Halt And Catch Fire is one of these shows. The first season is undeniably, achingly slow. It follows the story of a small tech firm in Texas, building a computer and taking on IBM and the other tech giants of the 80s. The soundtrack is fantastic and there are moments of greatness; you can see the writing is excellent and the four central performances are each compelling. But, it is not until the second season, when the focus shifts more to the two central female characters and their online gaming start-up, that the show really starts to find its feet.

By season three the story has moved to Silicon Valley and, without giving any spoilers, the level of depth given to the characters and the development of the storylines makes Halt easily one of the best shows around. In many ways a spiritual successor to Mad Men, they share the same network and are both dramas set in very specific moments in history, Halt has now in many ways surpassed Mad Men.

It's partially thanks to AMC's hit shows like and that we even got to the fourth season with Halt And Catch Fire. The success of these much larger shows gave the network the room to let a show like Halt grow and become the narrative powerhouse and critical darling it is now, without the viewing numbers normally needed of a cable television show.

The fourth season promises to deliver one last, great season and the dawn of the world wide web that has been teased throughout the show. Do yourself a favour and binge this now. You won't regret it.

Halt And Catch Fire returns to screens August 19th for its fourth and final season.

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