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Whether you find yourself a tad under the whether from winter blues or you're generally craving a blood soaked flick, has got just what you are looking for to keep you warm this winter. These 10 -coms have been carefully selected to fulfill both your blood lust as well as your desperate need to cackle maniacally as you revel in all the chaos. A little something for everyone, this compilation will not disappoint- especially the #1 slot.

Winter blues got you feeling down? Check out these 10 horror-comedies streaming on Netflix right now to turn that frown upside down:

10. Tales of Halloween

Not the first time I have recommend this anthology gem to my readers- and for good reason of course. Comprised of 10 segments from names like Paul Solet and Lucky McKee, Tales of Halloween will have you screeching in delight from beginning to end.

You can read more of my thoughts on Tales of Halloween, here.

9. Meet the Blacks

As much as I enjoy a dark thriller I must make a confession- I'm not a fan of The Purge trilogy. It never sparked my interest much until legendary funny men Mike Epps and George Lopez enact this hilarious spoof, Meet the Blacks. Reminiscent of his work on Next Friday and featuring many more familiar faces, this dark comedy will not disappoint-especially for [us] recreational grass smokers.

8. Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Starring Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is everything you could want from a whimsical and satirical back-woods horror-comedy. My recommendation for this one? Crack open an ice cold beer.

7. Yoga Hosers

If anyone knows how to make a proper raunchy comedy it is Kevin Smith. A spin off of his terrifying dark comedy Tusk, Yoga Hosers is a follow up film relating specifically to the two young clerks who so lackadaisically helped police in the previous events and the turmoil they find themselves in while facing a cheesy army of 'Bratzi's.' Featuring the same sassy legacies Harley Quinn Smith and Lily-Rose Depp a well as a slew of cameos from actors we know and love, you will not be disappointed in Yoga Hosers.

6. Bad Milo!

Sometimes it's best to not hold shit in- just let it all out if you got to. If you agree we me on this than I say you would be a perfect candidate to enjoy Jacob Vaughan's Bad Milo. You are seriously going to laugh your guts out.

5. All Cheerleaders Die

Not just a killer horror/com, All Cheerleaders Die is totally a perfect chick flick for you to enjoy with your bestie. After watching I am sure this one will not only be a favorite of yours as well but also aching for the return for All Cheerleaders Die Part 2.

You can read more of my thoughts on All Cheerleader Die, here.

4. John Dies at the End

Adapted from David Wong's graphic novel of the same name, John Dies at the End is a whimsical tale of heroism, traveling to other parallels, the paranormal and a whole lot of funny! I myself have never read the original publications before the movie's release so I can not compare the two. All I can tell you is that this goofy scifi/horror-comedy is a must watch that will not only keep you laughing but sitting on the edge of your seat in glorious anticipation.

3. Dead Snow: Red vs Dead

If you haven't seen this foreign zombie fun-fest than I implore you to please watch the first film simply titled Dead Snow. The sequel picks up directly where the first leaves us hanging. A huge fan of both the Dead Snow movies, the first one of mostly horror with plenty of fun humor but the second is a non-stop force of over the top, gory comedy. All that's left now is waiting on the official [rumored] announcement that we will be blessed with another installment presenting us with an instant classic horror trilogy- keep your fingers crossed, Horror Freaks!

2. Hot Fuzz

Who doesn't know and love this 2007 Brit comedy already? Watching Hot Fuzz in theaters for the first time was an unforgettable experience. I have ever had the pleasure of laughing until the point of oblivion while watching something in a theater for the first. We've all seen Hot Fuzz- but we can't get enough of it, can we?

1. Night of the Living Deb

For the most part I was not intending to calculate these movies in any particular ranking- apart from this one. Night of the Living Deb is to say the least, unbelievably hilarious! Night of the Living Deb was an outstandingly well-done film from director Kyle Rankin and proudly filmed here in my hometown of Portland, ME. Part Night of the Living Dead, part Night of the Comet and 100% totally awesome.

Come see how us Portlanders do horror and comedy!

With a selection like this, it may be hard to choose but that's okay, at least I have faith in you. What else could you need? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below and don't forget to cast your vote on the ballot.


Which one of these hilarious-horror stories are you looking forward to watching next?

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