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After much anticipation this month marked the Digital HD, DVD and Blu-ray release of cryptozoology gem, . From writer/director Matt McWilliams and Maltauro Entertainment, get ready to lose yourself deep within the Pinewood Forest as a group of half witted documentary filmmakers attempt to solve the age old legend of the mythological bloodsucking, cattle killing creature of the night in this film. Adding a very unique twist to the traditional lore of the legendary creature, McWilliams, Chupacabra Territory is as goofy and clever as it is thrilling.

Eccentric and naive Amber (Sarah Nicklin, The Haunting of Alice D), is a seasoned cryptozoologist as well as die-hard believer in the the existence of the legendary chupacabra. Determined to prove the mysterious creature's existence, Amber enlists the help of three friends Joe (Michael Reed, The Inhabitants), Dave (Bryant Jansen, The Last Rescue), and group goofball Morgan (Alex Hayek, Highway to Havasu), in tracking and filming the the discovery of the notoriously blood thirsty beast. Surely enough- as the majority of found footage adventures have come to the show us- this ambitious group of young explorers do indeed find what they are looking for but at a cost greater than any of them could have anticipated. Will their collective knowledge of the alleged creature be their salvation? Or will the bumbling foursome become just another vanishing enigma in their quest for the truth?

As a fan of I can honestly say I had a good time watching Chupacabra Territory. McWilliams cleverly ties in the fictitious discovery of the unknown with supernatural, spiritual and intelligent elements I was not expecting to see in a creature feature. If you’re a fan of cult favorite found footage films like The Frankenstein Theory, Devil’s Pass or The Blair Witch Project, than Chupacabra Territory definitely is a film for you.

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Certainly a must-watch for horror, found footage and cryptozoology fans and collectors alike. The film itself is a slow burner. Building up to the climax without relying heavily on gore or jump scares to sell the film Chupacabra Territory is also well balanced with humor thanks to the comedic relief of supporting actor Alex Hayek. As designated funnyman, cynic and voice of reason, Morgan- who of course landed a spot as my favorite character due to his sleazy ability to make me giggle.

The proud owner of my very own Blu-ray copy, Chupacabra Territory is conveniently available to order thru Amazon. If your looking for your next creative found footage horror flick than look no further than Matt McWilliams slow burning indie title, Chupacabra Territory.

Are you ready to step into Chupacabra Territory? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and be sure to follow me on Twitter; @RachaelRumancek. Until next time, horror fans.

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