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I like to live in an imaginary world where anything is possible, from mutants to dragons. I believe, the only real thing is "time".

Does it happen to you often that you try to find meaning in things? And suddenly start asking these big questions about life? Happens to me all the time. So I recently watched a movie A Dog's purpose. I realized that the movie is not limited to Dog's purpose. It is for everyone. The movie received mixed response with score 6.8/10 on IMDB and 30% on Rotten Tomatoes. However, there are lessons that we can learn from this movie.

The Big Questions

You are sitting in a park alone listening birds chirp, watching people jog and suddenly all these big questions start hitting you from nowhere or just a social media feed saying, 'You are not born just to pay bills and die'. Well A Dog's purpose starts with a puppy doing some self-analysis. Opening scene shows a newly born puppy finding its way in this world and asking,

What is the meaning of life?

Are we here for a reason?

Is there a point to any of this?

Wohhh... Big questions, right? In entire movie, a puppy named Bailey is on mission to find his purpose in life. We, humans are kinda stuck in a loop, living same life over and over again. Just passing days and existing. So little Bailey here gives one of the answers to these big question very next scene. Have fun! But it can't be that simple right? My point is, this part here teaches us to ask questions. Seek and you shall find. No matter who you are try to find answers and don't forget to have some fun.

Don't Give Up

Sometimes, we easily give up on things that we can't find. Bailey here does the same. Even we do this a lot of times. Bailey goes:

Sometimes I thought that trying to make sense out of life could be waste of time.

May be it was better to just really enjoy the life and leave it at that.

You know what they say, Just go with the flow, don't think too much. But is it so? If we are meant to live life as it is, we are not more than a machine. Bailey on other hand, still had questions about his existence and meaning of life. This part of movie teaches us, Not to give up. Also at times Bailey was happy with whatever he had in hand. Whereas, Ethan's dad was always negative about things that may even happen. When Ethan reads comic under blanket, Bailey says,

Every night as I fell asleep, I thought about hoe happy I was that I had Ethan, And that I wasn't a cat.

After the fire accident, Ethan had to move to agricultural college and leave Bailey.

Source: A Dog's Purpose
Source: A Dog's Purpose

Bailey again doubts about his purpose,

May be the point was not look for a point.

Have Patience and Live Today

After reincarnating as Ellie, Tino and finally as Waffle/Buddy, Bailey finally finds Ethan again, old Ethan of course. And somehow manages to reunite Ethan and his teen love Hannah. Then Ethan and Hannah get married. Ethan didn't know it was Bailey, his bailey. After doing some of Ethan's childhood tricks, Bailey manages to make Ethan realize that it was him. After all these lives, Bailey finally learns his purpose. He says,

The most important thing he says is,

In the end Bailey had to keep patience, to find out his purpose. If you think about it, it is not only a Dog's purpose. It applies to everyone. We are not meant to cling to past nor to worry about the future. We are meant to Live Now.

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