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On January 13th, author Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events was released on Netflix as a television show. For those unfamiliar with the books, they center around the three Baudelaire children: Violet, Klaus and Sunny whose parents die in a fire that completely destroyed their home. The three Baudelaire children are sent to live with Count Olaf, an actor and supposed relative who wants nothing more than to steal the fortune their parents left behind. As the children repeatedly get sent away to live with various relatives in order to escape from Count Olaf, they work to uncover the truth about what really happened to their parents.

After watching the Netflix adaptation of the series (which is currently only eight episodes, each book taking up two episodes), I believe this adaptation has serious potential to be one of the most interesting Netflix series in 2017. If you take a look at the books and it’s movie adaptation, you will clearly see why.

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

In Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, there are a total of thirteen books. They were released beginning in the late 1990’s and were done by the 2000’s. Each book in the series chronicles the misfortunes the Baudelaire children face after their family's house catches on fire along with their parents. These books are considered for children, but are still enjoyed by young adults today who read these books when they were released.

As a child, I grew up reading some of these books. While I never completed the series, I still remember the books I did read and it left a lasting impression on me. This series was really popular among my peers during my childhood. So seeing A Series of Unfortunate Events as a television show on Netflix showed me that books can become great television adaptations.

I find that to be especially true with this series. In the books, there are so many details revealed that I found they brought to life on the show. These details were little things, such as character traits and dialogue. But they really made the show stand out and brought Lemony Snicket's world to life. This is usually hard to do, especially with movies.

'A Series of Unfortunate Events' Movie

In 2004, A Series of Unfortunate Events was released into theaters. However, unlike the books and television show (so far), the movie adaptation only featured the first three books and no sequel for it was ever released. While I enjoyed the film, there were so many details the film lacked that it wasn’t quite a success.

The problem with translating a book series into film is important details pertaining to the story get cut. With television shows, however, these details have the chance of being incorporated into the story, therefore vastly improving the overall quality of the work. Just from these first eight episodes of the Netflix adaptation, the viewer can already see an improved adaptation on the screen is being told.

As someone who grew up around the time this series was released, I know fans will want to watch the show in the hope that it’s a better adaptation of the books than the movie. While it’s hard to say for sure right now if that’ll be true, I definitely see the potential the show has to offer and can’t wait to see what the next season will look like.

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