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Spoilers Ahead!

"Supergirl Lives":

The mid-season premiere for the CW's Supergirl was brought to life by Kevin Smith who has successfully directed two episodes for another of the CW's superhero shows - 'The Flash'. So my expectations going into the episode were pretty high and Smith delivered once again, it was good seeing how the episode showcased Mon-El (Chris Wood) in particular. The biggest worry for the show this season especially with the introduction of Superman/Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) was that when his character wasn't on screen that the show wouldn't be as great but this episode proved differ.

The episode revolved around a missing person's case that pulled on the heart strings on Kara (Melissa Benoist) and brought Supergirl to the rescue but things soon went south as what was supposed to be a rescue mission turned into a inter-galactic slave bust. The show gave us an opportunity to travel from Earth to 'Slaver's Moon' which consisted of a Red Sun and acted as a plot device, stopping Kara and Mon-El from using their powers. Instead the Kryptonian and Daxamite were left to use their wits and boldness to get them out of the outer space mission. This was definitely a strong return for the show after their break over the holiday period.

Speaking of aliens a highlight for me was the return of the 'Dominators' who were the main villians of the CW crossover event 'Invasion' in which Kara travelled from her Earth (38) to Earth (1) which consists of heroes and villians from shows such as The Flash, Arrow and DC's Legends of Tomorrow. The Dominators return come with the revelation that they were purchasing human slaves for who knows what and also that they're recognition of Mon-El's true identity brought about suspicions. Another alien associated protagonist that made a return was Roulette/ Veronica Sinclair (Dichen Lachman) who since her last run in with Supergirl has gone from setting up alien cage fights for the rich to human trafficking on an intergalactic level so that she could be better off. It's cool how the show uses her character to take things associated with humans and applies them to extra-terrestrial beings.

The human cast also had some awesome moments during the episode, Winn (Jeremy Jordan) struggled with field work as our lovable tech specialists when from an agent who fights from behind a desk to actually using his fists to stop the bad guy. Snapper Carr (Ian Gomez) made a return to show and portrayed his grumpy self that brought humor to the episode and the show shed a bit of light on the fact that he has a heart of some sort. Alex Danvers' (Chyler Leigh) progress in discovering herself and exploring her love life came with trouble in paradise as the show explored her protective nature. The repercussion of being a sister who is hiding her alien sibling's true identity comes with the cost and that is Alex's life and I love how the character is becoming her own hero in a sense.

As much as I could go on about how much I loved this episode and breakdown every character that was on screen, I would recommend that you watch it for yourself and have your say. I can promise you it will be a fun experience for those watching it for the first time and engaging for those who have continued to invest into these characters.

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