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“Broken Promises”:

The mid-season finale for Marvel's Agents of Shield left us with a cliff-hanger that none of us saw coming as one of our favorite characters didn't appear to be who they said they were. This reveal left in shock with more questions than answers as we transitioned from the "Ghost Rider - Spirit of Vengeance" story arc to "L.M.D (Life Model Decoy)" which after the witnessing the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron wasn't going to be good news for our fellow agents.

The L.M.D story arc kicked off with Aida (Mallory Jensen) on screen at the beginning of the episode which instantly brought back memories of Ultron with the help of a great music and different shots – her character appeared to be both sinister as well as humane. Seeing how Aida unfolded her plan and the lengths she was willing to take was awesome. It was pretty rewarding as a fan seeing her go full circle from just a voice we heard communicating with Dr. Radcliffe (John Hannah) to becoming a fully fleshed character who was now in control.

Speaking off robots and androids this episode was full of references to evil robots taking over the world from classic films such as “The Terminator”. Even the inclusion of characters discussing films that practically ruined franchises as whole felt so meta. Nods to future franchises apart of this ever-growing Marvel Cinematic Universe were noticeable and the development of previously established story arcs was a nice touch to the episode.

The highlights for me had to be the plot twists, where antagonists were just mere puppets for a greater villain who was pulling the strings the whole time and the episode gave us a glimpse of their plan coming to life. A follow up of the ‘Inhumans’ story arc reminded us that they weren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. In fact we continued to explore their fight for survival with a better look at the parties who want to see them wiped out. It makes sense seeing this story line continue especially as a lot of the third season focused on establishing their presence in the MCU and with the upcoming ‘Inhumans’ television show this year how could anybody forget.

With the start of a new story arc, the worry was if it would keep audiences engaged and I personally feel like through this episode it did, so credit to the writers. The show is not as reliant on the events of the wider MCU as it use to be and as viewer who jumped back on board for Season 3, I believe the show has never been in a better place and look forward to seeing where this ‘Life Model Decoy’ story line will take us.

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