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Hi my name is Ravi and I love all things superhero and comic book related whether that be on the big screen or small.

"Spoilers ahead!"

I usually don't tend to watch many shows outside of those that I'm invested to already, so after watching a few episodes I can say that it was both a breath of fresh air and I am officially hooked. Everything from the main character to the plot which as it unfolds, has me accept the reality that I am most likely going to invest another hour of my life to this series.

Recommended by a friend I've come to realize as to why it's their favorite show at the moment and is soon becoming one of mine too. The show revolves around Bob Lee Swagger (Ryan Phillippe) a sniper specialist who after being injured in battle is left to a live a more simpler life with his family, away from all the chaos. It all changes when an old friend from his past Isaac Johnson (Omar Epps) visits with a mission of trying to prevent an assassination from taking place but when things don't go according to plan. The once law abiding citizen goes from your everyday father and husband to public enemy number. The story sees our protagonist trying to bring his name out of the mud by proving his innocence, all while on the run.

Seeing Swagger plan for what he does best, "hunt for people" was quite fascinating which is why, one of my highlights had to be how the show portrayed the effort and hard work that goes into taking a shot. Another highlight for the character was seeing how quickly doing something to protect someone else's life transitioned into our protagonist, trying to protect his own families. Another interesting element to the show were Isaac Johnson and Jack Payne (Eddie McClintock) who we see unfold their plan to frame Swagger as well as their perspective of the aftermath of Swagger's survival. The revelation of how they slowly realize that what was supposed to be a simple job turned out to be more than they could imagine was brilliant also.

I have to be honest I haven't seen Mark Wahlberg's take on the character in 2007 film - 'Shooter' but the time I've spent over the three episodes. I really think Ryan Phillippe has done the character justice and you would expect that from a television series. The time that we spend with the character's on the small screen as a pose to the big screen allows us, the viewers to not only connect but also see them develop and become fully fleshed. In a screening of a film sometimes you don't get that with a character especially with that of Bob Lee Swagger, you would instantly want to see some action from a sniper specialist of his kind instead of a journey of redemption by a husband and father. I personally would recommend the show to those who haven't seen it yet.

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