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Hi my name is Ravi and I love all things superhero and comic book related whether that be on the big screen or small.

"Spoilers Ahead!"

In a world where our lovable, merc with a mouth - Deadpool has the ability to break the fourth wall and interact with audiences. The latest trailer for Logan has left me fangirling as we get a glimpse of what appears to be a X-Men comic book in the possession of Lauren Kinney/X-23 (Dafne Keen). You would expect this from characters such as Deadpool or She-Hulk but never from a Wolverine film. In fact if I can recall correctly the appearance of a comic book in a live action superhero franchise has never taken place up to this point. This had to be one of the favorite moments from the latest red band trailer where we see X-23 totally steal the show by taking out anyone that tries to mess with her.

Set in a future where Logan/Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Charles Xavier/Professor X (Patrick Stewart) have both aged, we have a revelation in the character of Lauren who proves to be a more powerful mutant than that of Wolverine. We also see get a possible glimpse of Dr. Zander Rice (Richard Grant) in the trailer who is trying retrieve X-23 and is known to be the antagonist of the film. We know that X-23's origins are as a result of an experiment similar to that of Wolverine. The trailer also shows us different scenes and possible aspects of Logan, one where he that is taken down easily by Rice's henchmen. This could as a result of him starting to feel pain as a result of slowly losing his healing factor. Although this totally changes in other shots where we see him claw his way into people, literally.

We know that this Jackman's final take on the character and quite possibly his last X-Men film. Although the introduction of the X-23 in the content we've seen so far is promising and could result in the actress reprising the role in upcoming X-Men films as a replacement before the 'Wolverine' character is recast. The question still lingering in my mind is how did Lauren come into possession of the comic book? Is the film set in a future where comic books have been published about the X-Men? How the writers explain this mystery in the film will be interesting. Never the less this film looks absolutely amazing and I can't wait to March to come any quicker.

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