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Spoilers Ahead!

"Borrowing Problems From The Future":

When the mid-season premiere was released for The Flash, we were quickly immersed back into the world of Team S.T.A.R Labs. Following the cliffhanger that gave us a glimpse of a potential death scene, the episode dealt with the consequences of witnessing an event from the future through Barry Allen/ The Flash's (Grant Gustin) perspective which had an impact on his interactions with the rest of the team.

As much as this episode set up the back half of the season's story arc which revolved around preventing events from the future. It also invested in establishing the Wally West/ Kid Flash (Keiynan Lonsdale) character on Earth 1. I liked the characters progression in the episode going from being someone who is looked down upon to becoming a hero that stepped into the limelight by saving the day. Tom Patterson (Greg Grunberg) did an awesome job helping with the process, his opinions on Kid Flash shadowing really instigated something within Wally. If you think about it, a shadow is never the center of attention, it's usually the person standing in the spotlight and Barry learnt that the hard way. Transitioning 'Team Flash' to 'Team S.T.A.R Labs in a heart beat, sorry Barry there are two speedsters now.

Speaking of 'Team S.T.A.R Labs' this episode focused quite a bit around the team whether it was reopening it to the public via conversion into a museum. A project fronted by H.R. Wells (Tom Cavanagh) who you can't help but love as he always puts a smile on your face. I've definitely warmed up to this version of Wells, it's never easy when the previous two were serious and psychopaths, kudos to Cavanagh for continuing to be a brilliant actor on the show. The second addition came in the form of Julian Albert (Tom Felton) who after his discovery that he was Doctor Alchemy is still a little shell shocked. There's something still with his character and him now apart of the team could refer to Savitar's prophesy of betrayal. I could be completely wrong but memories of Harry Potter or what I know of it, continue to stick. His introduction to the team is a good thing though as it means we will be seeing a lot more of Felton and his interaction with the rest of the cast going forward should be fun.

On the topic of betrayal it could come in the form of one Killer Frost/ Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) who we know after the continuous use of her powers will become the ice queen of evil. The news report seen from the possible future predicts her running rampant which wouldn't be a bad thing for fans, her self titled episode was amazing and more Killer Frost is a good thing. It's cool seeing the different characters in the show, some who are eager to use their powers (Wally) , some who are developing theirs (Cisco) and some who don't want anything to do with theirs. Caitlin's quest to get rid of her dark side in an interesting one and I love the overall message from the team in this episode about 'not doing it alone' which is why the snowflake necklace from Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Julian was a nice touch.

Cisco was his usual self that we have come to love with pop culture references all around - 'Back to the Future' anyone, but this was an emotional episode for him and his relationship with H.R. is always fascinating to watch. Considering there run in the past hasn't been smooth sailing, I mean a hand through the heart - you don't come back from that easily but going from unpacking the mystery of H.R.'s true identity to him feeling he has significance in the team affirmed by Cisco was pretty awesome. Speaking of Cisco leads to the end tag scene which featured a female multiverse travelling meta-human like our beloved Ramon who is looking for H.R. The cameo of Gypsy (Jessica Camacho) at the very end raised some questions as to why she is after H.R. and also is she a villain? How did she know that Wells had left Earth 19? Who sent her - Savitar, maybe? If she can travel to different earths, why now, why not before? All these questions will most likely be answered in next weeks episode but the cool part is that we get another meta-human on the show and a rival or a possible love interest for Cisco.

Altogether, it was a great return for the show after it's winter break and the second half of this season looks like it's just gonna get even better. We even had references to things yet to come like a Gorilla Grood episode and the aftermath of the musical crossover with Supergirl. Let me know what thought and what are you looking forward to most?

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