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Spoilers Ahead!

Through watching Episodes 4 and 5 from Season 1, I have continued to stay connected and I say that because it's so easy to drift away while watching some shows. Not this television series though, it has kept me engaged especially through the exploration of Bob Lee Swagger's (Ryan Phillippe) innocence. Both episodes give us clues as to how this injustice took place and who was pulling the strings. The character development especially from the supporting cast has been brilliant and it gives us an opportunity to explore their motives and role in their expanding story line.

Bob Lee Swagger continues to be the epic9 hero that we have come to love, all while trying to find the actual shooter who killed the Ukrainian president and allowed him to take the blame. The flashbacks featured in Episode 4 were a great element as it gave us a glimpse of the type of man Swagger was prior to coming home from battle. I really enjoyed how show used it to portray the comparison of before and after, which in the case of Bob Lee didn't show many differences as his character stayed consistent. The plot device used to turn him into a so called 'ghost' by the character faking his death felt like a different genre in it's own - like something from a spy film which was awesome. As it allowed him to investigate without having to constantly look over his shoulder, although people would freak out if they witnessed a dead person walking around pretending to be someone else.

One of the character that is becoming a stand out for me is Nadine Memphis (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) who is now a partner in crime with Swagger, helping to unravel the truth and see justice served. For a CIA agent she is definitely the bravest, digging deeper into things that could potentially have her head on the chopping block. This as a result of compassion and willingness to look at from both sides, not judging it based on evidence that might look convincing on paper but is flawed actually. Her character definitely grows from strength to strength and we see how become more powerful but at the same time witness her vulnerability. She takes on the system and those within it who are acting unlawfully behind closed doors, how could you not cheer for her character?

We see Isaac Johnson's (Omar Epps) character established more with glimpses through flashbacks of the man he was before Hugh Meachum (Tom Sizemore) turned him into the monster he is slowly becoming. There's still good in the character and we see the difference between him and Jack Payne (Eddie McClintock) and how one is more vicious in the way they handle problems. The biggest character moment for Johnson had to be his confrontation with Mrs. Fenn (Donzaleigh Abernathy) who he had to get rid of as she was a problem. Visually this was had to watch and you could see that it was too for the character, the face of the Johnson gave it away. He knew what he was doing wasn't right but the act pulled him closer to a 'bad guy' status. Although, the aftermath of this incident saw him simply go home to his partner and act as if nothing happen, which feels like a theme I'm seeing through the show. Things don't always appear as they might seem, we know this with Swagger and his set up, we know this with supporting characters who are living double lives.

Those were my highlights from Episodes 4 and 5 from Season 1 of the series. Let me know what you think of the show if you've seen it already and is there a favorite character that you have?

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