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I Love Gilmore Girls

I just finished watching the entire series, start to finish, in about a month. I really wish I could say I watched it from the first airing of the first episode, because I liked it so much. The dialog is so witty and natural. The characters all have chemistry and the show is so immersive that I feel like I could actually go and visit Stars Hollow and see Ms. Patty and Babbette and Kirk.

Lorelei is one of the best TV characters ever created. She loves her daughter with all her heart, but she has her own life too. She's involved in Rory's life, but not overbearing. She's a goddess who can eat all of the junk I wish I could eat, and still stay perfectly fit. Rory is so smart and gorgeous, but so sweet and innocent at the beginning of the show, it's captivating to watch her grow into a woman with strong opinions who makes her own mistakes and has her own triumphs.

Naturally, I was so excited to see a sort of "Where are they Now?", and there were things about "A Year in the Life" that were great! Everything about the storyline with Lorelei and Luke, of course. Their wedding was perfect! Emily changing and growing as the character dealt with losing her husband. Michelle threatening to leave The Dragonfly Inn if they didn't expand. Sookie coming back for the important stuff. It's all so good, but...

I hate the Rory storyline.

She is a little lost and confused about where she's going in life. That part is perfect, who hasn't been there? Most of us look at our lives and say "This is not how I planned it". She is brilliant and beautiful and yet things didn't go perfectly. I am not complaining about that part. However, the thought of her being the other woman, has already been done. It was interesting the first time, it made me sympathised with her because she was obviously not over Dean when he married Lindsey, and he was not over her. It was a difficult situation, but I would like to see Rory be intelligent enough to learn from that mistake and not repeat it. Why would she want to go through that again?

Logan and Rory had something very special and this cheapens their whole relationship. Logan helped Rory to see herself in a new light, to take chances, to be adventurous and push herself. He also stood up for her with his family, and continued to see her despite their blatantly obvious disapproval. Why would Logan want Rory to be his mistress? Why would he degrade her like that?

Maybe there are some dots left to connect that we just haven't been shown yet. Maybe Rory went through something terrible that threw her into this crisis of character. I think that's what I'm going to believe. Maybe that will make this new Rory bearable. It still flies in the face of who she was as we watched her grow up, I suppose that is the writer's prerogative, but why?

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