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I watch movies of all genres and lengths. I play video games for the plot. I guess I just love a good story!

Hypothetical movie trailer: typical epic action movie style trailer, a bunch of government guys are running around looking for somebody. They storm houses, businesses, warehouses, etc. Shots of car chases, shootouts, fights, while the narration is done by the usual action trailer guy. Finally, we see a shot of some suits standing around a beaten up dude tied to a chair under a single light. One of them, played by Idris Elba or someone of equal intensity, angrily stomps up to the ties up guy, grabs him by the collar and shouts "WHERE IS HE?!" He then slams him back down and rips off the bag covering his head, and it's Tony Kebbell (RockNRolla) and asks "Who?!" followed by a sarcastic remark. Slow zoom to a closeup on Idris Elba ending on him finally saying as the screen cuts to black and, as a slow fade in reveals Tom Hiddleston in a winter hat and striped sweater, he says "...Waldo..." and fade back to black and fade in title "Where's Waldo"

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