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Meg may have at least a year and a half before its release date, yet the megalodon vs Jason Statham extravaganza has already got fans of the original novel hugely excited, especially as filming has finally started. After the giant shark genre has been dominated by the low-budget offerings of the Asylum and Syfy, Meg could serve as an almighty Hollywood corrective. It appears that fans want something quite different from this venture into shark territory than your average Asylum or Syfy offering. Here are four reasons why it will be the true shark film that fans deserve:

1. Larger Budget


The budget for Meg is an estimated $150 million. In comparison, the budget for Sharknado is a paltry $2 million. Whilst the makers of Sharknado have to be praised for making do with such little money, the basic fact remains: the budget of Meg is over one hundred and twenty five times bigger than your average Syfy production.

More money does not automatically translate into a better film, but when you are dealing with huge sharks it sure helps to invest more money into your CGI production in order to make it look more realistic. This amount of money also means that better crew and effects guys can be hired, therefore elevating the product into something much better than the relatively cheaper-looking Syfy productions. The larger production also means they have hired a:

2. More Experienced Director


Jon Turteltaub is the man tasked with bringing Meg to the screen. A Disney live-action veteran, he knows how to make spectacular entertainments with the two National Treasure movies, which expertly mixed family-friendly themes with Indiana Jones-esque adventure tropes. If this doesn't impress you, just remember this is also the man who brought you sports classic Cool Runnings.

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Nevertheless, one has to wonder if his resume suggests he will be able to make this a serious enough picture for fans, or whether it will get just a little too corny. Does he really know how to frame the horror of a giant shark approaching? One can only guess what particular vision Turteltaub has for this material; at least with National Treasure he has plenty of experience telling the story of a man having to convince other dumfounded people that things considered ancient still exist. It helps that his film is populated by:

3. Genuine Movie Stars

One of the key villains in the Fast and Furious Franchise and the face behind the excellent Transporter trilogy, Jason Statham is one of the best action stars in the business, and in desperate need of his own franchise. Ruby Rose, who also co-stars, is one of the industries most exciting up-and-coming actresses, who is looking to capitalise on her Orange Is The New Black appeal, and also has future roles in John Wick 2, XXX: Return of Xander Cage and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

The crossover appeal is also highly exciting, with Chinese movie star Bingbing Li hired alongside Statham and Ruby Rose. By hiring the star of Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame and The Forbidden Kingdom, this will help the film do well in China too, increasing its chances of being a global hit. This is a much more talented and in-demand roster than the likes of Deborah Gibson, Lorenzo Lamas and Tara Reid.

4. The Source Material Is Better

Meg: A Novel Of Deep Terror is a bestselling novel with millions of dedicated readers. They have been waiting to see this novel be adapted for the screen for nearly twenty years. In comparison Syfy and Asylum scripts are made relatively quickly and with much less research into these ancient creatures. If Jaws is considered the quintessential original shark movie, then done correctly Meg has the potential to be the Jurassic Park of shark movies; expertly blending science-fiction, action and adventure into one exciting package. Steve Alten serves as the Michael Crichton in this analogy, and with five sequels already published, the film even has franchise potential! Now that's really something to get excited for.

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