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Sorry for the delay, but yesterday I was really tired to write. Nonetheless, let’s get on with it because later today, I will also be posting the “La La Land” review, so don’t forget it ( first time I will be doing that ) ! But now for this film review I am going to keep it small and simple.

Now, remember when I said that as if this moment I ( from the movies that I reviewed ) haven’t seen one that it wasn’t good, well this is the one. Don’t get me wrong, it is a magnificient piece of work, but only because of the performances. Because, in my opinion, this is an Oscar bait movie that it doesn’t quite deliver.

Let me explain, on the first hand, the performances are outstanding with Denzel Washington and Viola Davis being the main focus. I can’t argue with their chemistry and their acting.

Although, on the other hand, the plot was dragged with too many long scenes and over representation of Denzel’s character. Also, the story didn’t seem to happen that much, I mean, sure it manifested an underestimation of two sons by their father and a betrayal of that same man on his wife, though that didn’t save it from the lengthy similar scenes of Denzel almost just monologuing . However, Denzel directing is great at least.

In conclusion, this is the film that could and could not be in the list of nominated films for Best Picture. But due to his nature and race content, it manages to crawl to the list. Nevertheless, I ain’t no hater, I can aprecciate the impecable performances by legendary actors that put their heart in a story with some intense and heartfull moments, so I am just saying that it is the least worthy nominee.

What did you felt about this flick ? ( sorry about the short review )

Nominated for : Best Picture, Best Actor In A Leading Role ( Denzel Washington ), Best Actress In A Supporting Role ( Viola Davis ) and Best Writing ( Adapted Screenplay )

I rant : 7,4 / 10

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