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Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal star as married couple, Annie and Jay, in a 94 minute long advertisement for Apple.

Thinking of ways in which they can spice up their sex life, blogger Annie (Cameron Diaz) comes up with the idea to make a [Sex Tape](movie:381860), or as it sound be called a sex file MP4. Annie asks husband Jay (Jason Segal) to erase the tape but instead it get uploaded to the Cloud and distributed to several different iPad devices they have given to their friends and family. The rest of the film is a scavenger hunt to get the iPads back before everyone watches the tape.

If executed properly this concept for a comedy could be really funny. Is it? Not so much. Much like 'Bad Teacher' the duos last collaboration, a lot of the good jokes are in the trailer and don't have much of an effect in the cinema. However a few jokes not in the trailer are chuckle worthy. Most memorable joke of the whole film was no doubt 'No one understands the Cloud. It's a fucking mystery' which I can relate to 100%. Seriously though the Cloud should come with a hand book.

A film full of unnecessarily long scenes from the build up to making the sex tape to Jason Segal being mulled by Rob Lowe's dog. Even for a 91 minute film, everything just felt a little to long and over done.

The plot is messy and created out of nowhere as this film doesn't do a great job of developing it's sub characters. As for the main characters, Annie and Jay are a very average married couple whose sex life is practically non existent after having children. Cameron Diaz's Annie is a parenting and marriage blogger looking to spice things up and Jason Segal is a music DJ with a lack of technology knowledge. Extremely realistic...not. Acting wise, no one stood out but everyone played their part. Anyone could have played these roles, it just so happens that the 'Bad Teacher' director wanted another Diaz-Segal collaboration.

A comedy, which was executed poorly due to it's fail attempt at making drama in a bizarre situation. It's inconsistency made it hard to believe that this could happen to anyone and the plot twist felt like an unden developed filler for the last half an hour.

Overall rating: 2.5 (for the Cloud joke) / 5 stars.

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