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The first day of boasted three pavilions filled with stands of the most varied paraphernalia, encompassing everything from fashion to film, gaming to money. Yep, everyone had their place at the biggest event in Europe.

While I'm still exploring each and every one of the areas, finding out more about various ongoing projects in different states, it's easy to see the interaction between the representatives of these companies and the curious people who've come to check out what they're doing.

On this first day of the Web Summit, I came across a few interesting projects that are extremely useful not just for professionals, but for everyone else.

Follow The World With Scope

Scope is a social media aggregator that allows the user to host a variety of visual sources from a multitude of social media platforms — such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr — on a single page.

Say, for example, that you want to see every photo and video that's being posted regarding San Diego Comic-Con. With Scope you can easily see all of them on one page, updated in real time, making for a simple yet incredible tool for anyone who wants to keep tabs on local or world events, as well as the latest trends and information on any given topic.

The app is available for Android and iOS, as well as online, so feel free to try it out for yourself, entirely free.

Let Your Friends Pick The Music With Requestify

Many radio stations around the world offer some kind of song request format during their broadcasts, and has allowed us to personify that same experience to something as simple as an intimate party with a few of your friends.

Enter Requestify, an app that includes native integration with SoundCloud and Spotify to allow friends to add songs to the queue, creating a collaborative experience and making it easier to share our favorite tunes with friends and family.

While this has a multitude of uses, from a fun birthday party to a massive event for thousands of people, there is some control that the host of the playlist retains, making sure that whatever is playing doesn't lose its flow.

Yes, we all have that friend who has such a particular music taste that it might not be the most appropriate for your wedding. But rest assured, you can easily make sure nobody ruins the fun!

The app will soon be available for Android and iOS for everyone to enjoy.

Changing Movie Experiences With CtrlMovie

With an ever-growing audience that craves interactivity in the content they consume — be it through point-and-click video games, to those well-planned stories on YouTube that lead you one video at a time as you make a decision — a need for a more professional and alternative option to filmmaking arrives in the form of CtrlMovie. This is a platform that allows filmmakers to make their movies interactive, with decision-based options, giving the viewer an opportunity to go through a different experience every time.

Its biggest selling point is its availability in movie theaters, where the audience, through the designated app, can collectively decide the next plot point in the movie they're watching, allowing the possibility of a different experience by buying another movie ticket. And we want more people buying more movie tickets!

While it doesn't solely focus on the movie theater aspect, all of it can be adapted to home entertainment thanks to IPTV or online viewing, making Netflix a potential distributor of content.

But CtrlMovie doesn't force the filmmaker or the viewer to be interactive, as many prefer to show and watch the movie in its linear narrative, just like a regular movie would.

Find Someone To Collaborate With On Nerdeo

As an aspiring filmmaker, I was happy to find a service that would allow me to show a project that I might need a hand with, as well as finding the right people with the right skills to collaborate with. Joseph Gordon-Levitt himself believes the internet will become a place where people can and should be more open to collaboration in creating something special.

Nerdeo makes this collaboration easier, with a platform where the user can propose a project, with or without a budget, and then designate the position needed to be fulfilled by like-minded artists and creators who are willing to help. This allows for the freedom of choice of working for free or to be paid a certain predetermined amount as noted in the project's budget.

While the British-based company doesn't focus solely on film but also on video games, the facilitation of finding people to help out will certainly be something with huge value to the current industry.

Create And Share Your Visual Novels On Matag

For those who have the talent and desire to tell a story in a comic book or manga form, Matag allows anyone to create their own visual novels and have the opportunity to earn money from them.

Bringing to your mobile device many of the favorite things fans would usually play on a Nintendo 3DS or have paid $50 for straight out of Japan, Matag gives you enough content that every time you visit its portal, it's guaranteed you'll find something new to read.

Naturally, the best part is you can create your very own visual novels, with many background images and characters included from the start. But for those who do the entire creative process themselves, you'll eventually be able to upload your own photos or drawings into the novel editor and make something that's 100 percent yours, from the visuals to the text.

Don't forget to check in for more news regarding companies at this years WebSummit. Tell us about what you think of these ideas in the comments section below.

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