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With hundreds of companies presenting all kinds of projects, each one in various states — from alpha to beta, to products that have either very recently launched, to one that's about to take off — it's difficult to not pay attention as the biggest event in Europe brings in the audience. Yep, it's all happening at .

While many projects are focused in the and realm, there are others that give us new and better ways to connect with gamers, such as through eSports or mobile gaming.

SplitVR Brings Virtual Worlds To A Bigger Space

Imagine for a moment you want to play a 3v3 match of with your friends in a warehouse, all six of you wearing VR headgear and shooting each other with special controllers. Maybe not ideal if you're aiming for a close-combat approach with your knife, but you get the idea.

That's what SplitVR is proposing: A life-size virtual world, turning any location into an alternate universe with the use of virtual reality.

The best thing about SplitVR is its numerous applications that give it the ability to be utilized outside the gaming world, with the possibility to create virtual versions of world museums like the Louvre or the British Museum. This element gives users the chance to visit these renowned locations from wherever they are, and for people who might be immobile or unable to travel, SplitVR will offer the next best thing to being there.

Side-Scrolling Kick-Assery, Presented By Black Ghost Studio

Swiss group Black Ghost Studio is making waves in its home country as the leading entity in making eSports happen, while also creating fun games on mobile devices. Its current focus is on TransmoKnight, coming soon to Android, iOS and PC (via ).

Having had the opportunity to try out this game, I found its gameplay and side-scrolling action to be easy to handle, taking me back to my Mega Man days. I guarantee this is going to be one of 2017's biggest things for your smartphone and tablet.

Rule The World With World War Online

Also at Web Summit, Portuguese developer Chilltime presented its new online ready-to-play strategy game World War Online. Something akin to a virtual Risk board, you command warfare vehicles, including tanks and airplane fighters, to beat your enemy and rule the world. Sounds fun, right?

The gameplay is easy to learn and its classic influence will keep you on your toes, as smart thinking usually gets you far. If you're a fan of this kind of online gaming, it's definitely worth checking out!

eSports Social Media

As grows exponentially, with more and more fans and viewers by the day, it would make sense that the market would bank on the amount of people who enjoy professional video gaming.

At this year's Web Summit I stumbled upon three eSports social networks, each with its own particular aspect to give every kind of player, be they professional or casual, a space where they can meet new players, learn from one another and just have fun.

Respowned will launch next month and is set to cover both PC and console gamers and encourage them to share their experiences with their community. aims to bring players and teams together through fan-created tournaments, while offering a platform to engage players in discussion. And World eSport will give users a more straightforward experience within the professional realm. With this variety of eSport offerings, it's clear that the future holds bright ideas on how people can play together.

Me, on the other hand, I'm planning to invest a whole lot more in my gaming skills.

What are you most excited about that's coming out of Web Summit in 2016?

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