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There's a whole lot going on at storefront, which has been crucial to everyone who has ever had a passion in making video games. So, I've got more four games that are great games for you to try out.

4. Hyper Time Disrupt

First off is Hyper Time Disruptor, a game where you control a small spaceship, avoiding solid obstacles, while you follow the speed trail. Once you're fast enough, you end up catching up with a ghostly version of yourself. Congrats, now you're going so fast that present you caught up with past you, creating a time disruption!

Full of crazy neon colors and an awesome soundtrack to accompany your journey, this is a game that will entertain you for a long, long while!

3. Slowdrive

If you're a fan of Disney's , then you'll be quick to find the irony of Slowdrive, a game where you play as a sloth who has to drive as fast as he can to hit the next checkpoint. As your progress, you're required to drive even crazier!

While the version available is labeled as a demo, there are a lot of different tracks and modes for you to play while driving a sweet ride!

This game's beautiful and colorful animations are what I like most about it. They're an absolute joy to look at while having mad skills! Definitely give this one a go!

2. V.H.S. Video.Horror.Story

Made by five people at ISART DIGITAL in Paris during this year's Global Game Jam, the scary V.H.S. Video.Horror.Story is a first person story with a twist.

As the player roams the scary, dark office space, there's a monster lurking around in the shadows. But the creature can only be discovered by changing the frequency of the camera you see through.

It took less than two minutes for me to freak out while playing this, mainly because you never know what you're going to see when you change frequency. This one is certainly not recommended for the faint of heart.

1. Dash Titans

I've been coming back to this one a lot lately, because it's a lot of fun! Even better because there is a version available for Android!

Dash Titans is a simple yet addictive game where you control a warrior and have to dash into various enemies to kill them. The best part: there are dozens of characters to choose from, while you unlock more every time you level up!

There isn't a bad thing I can about this gem found on, other than it's incredibly addictive! You've been warned!

Have you played any of these games? Are you going to? Let me know in the comments below!

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