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Rick and Morty is a show that clings closely to popular culture, rarely missing an opportunity to link to the zeitgeist of its time, or at least a time when McDonald's still had their special edition Szechuan McNugget dipping sauce. Either way, there are more references and Easter Eggs than you can shake a portal gun at. And trust me, I've tried shaking a portal gun and it didn't end well.

Even the names of each episode have a cheeky relevance. From Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind to Look Who's Purging Now, often the story takes inspiration from a well-known film or TV show. Episode 2 of Season 3 is no different; after a surprise April Fool's Day debut, the never-ending wait for more continues, with speculation the episode, Rickmancing the Stone, may be released in July. To keep us going until then, what can we learn from its title?

'Rickmancing The Stone'

The title is, in all likelihood (99.9 per cent but nothing in this universe is certain), based on Romancing the Stone, a 1984 action-adventure movie starring Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner and Danny DeVito. It was the film that launched the career of Robert Zemeckis, who went on to direct the Back to the Future trilogy — a parody of which by Justin Roiland inadvertently spawned the hit cartoon this entire article is about.

In Romancing the Stone, Joan Wilder (Kathleen Turner), a romance novelist from New York City, discovers that her sister is being held hostage in the Colombian jungle. This sends her on an adventure away from her fictional creations. She meets a heroic bird smuggler, Jack T. Colton (Michael Douglas), and then teams up with him in order to locate valuable treasure, which she must find to save her sibling.

It sounds like exactly the the kind of film that would go down well on Interdimensional Cable. But what can we deduce from the plot, and how it may link in with ? I've summoned all my creative energy to bring some ideas forward. 25 Schmeckles to anyone who guesses which one will turn out to be true... if any.

Theories On What Next For Rick And Morty In Episode 2

What we can expect is some sort of jungle-adventure — that much is obvious. The most obvious of obvious options would be Morty taking the place of Joan, discovering that Summer has gone missing and that he'd have to rescue her. Whether Rick would actively take part in that adventure and stand in for Colton is unlikely, though. He's less "rogue-adventurer" more "ah fuck it, this'll work." But he will get the job done, and probably end up saving the day.

Another storyline — similar to Look Who's Purging Now — could see Rick and Morty become embroiled in someone else's adventure while visiting another planet. In some ways, narratives like this set-up some of the best interactions between the leading duo, thanks to their polarized opinions on altruism.

Finally, from an exclusive peek into Season 3, we already know that Morty's teen-crush, Jessica, will be returning to the show. Isn't it about time she finds herself in a situation that requires the assistance of a dashing young adventurer? Cue Morty coming to her aid in the style of a teen Indiana Jones. Something will go wrong eventually (probably thanks to Rick) but at leas it'll give Morty a snippet of romance.

What do you speculate will happen in the long-awaited second episode of Rick and Morty Season 3?

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