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The art of film pales in comparison to celebrity gossip culture, right?

There's a lot of bad things that happen to people. Death, divorce, disease, other words that begin with "D". But, worse than anything else is when somebody is thrown into fame at too young of an age and isn't able to become a well adjusted adult. That's why we all have so much fun dehumanizing them on the internet. So here we go.

Haley Joel Osment

Well, this is upsetting. It's like it was just yesterday we were watching him see dead people. But somewhere along the line something must have eaten him and taken on his form to hang out on the red carpet. This is sad, why are we doing this?

Lindsey Lohan

Yep, we all know Lindsey hasn't been doing too well for a little while now. You know there's a lot of stuff on the internet, right? An entire catalog of all the information in the world, you could learn a new language, design a clever website, anything really.

Macaulay Culkin

Okay, here's a challenge. Leave this page right now and go write down how you really feel. Tell the story you've always wanted to tell. Pour your heart out onto paper instead of looking at these sad adults. Please, I implore you.

Mark Hamill

Really? You're gonna just keep reading this shit. Okay, that's fine. We understand each other now. I now know what you want. You feed off the misery of these poor people who exist in the public eye. Would you enjoy reading an article about just normal people who got uglier or fatter when they grew up? Probably not. Most people aren't as cute as when they were younger, that's just kind of how this growing up shit works.

G. Hannelius

Okay, she's still a kid. But I'm calling this one. I'll betcha five bucks.

Did we forget to pick on a different person that just tried to grow up like the rest of us? Tell us in the comments or make your own post about it.
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