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As the title suggests, we will be talking about classic that made our early gaming experience. Nothing better like the good warmth of nostalgia! Growing up in the '80s and '90s was a fantastic and memorable time, mainly because every game seemed to have its unique characteristics, each being different from anything that we had ever seen up to that moment. Being yanked out of the quotidian and having the possibility of exploring new worlds was beyond the ordinary. Eventually, you had to come back to the normal world when you were told to go outside, buy some groceries or take the dog for a walk.

So, let’s enjoy a few moments while reminiscing about some of the games that stood at the debut of our first gaming experience.

Now grab your old blankey, and get ready because we’ve got some really good games to remember.

Warning! Spoiler monster up ahead! Unsheathe your sword and fight!

1. Diablo

Believe it or not, it’s been almost twenty years since the first game was released by (makes you feel old, doesn’t it?). To freshen up our memory, the game is set in the world of Sanctuary, in the kingdom of Khanduras, where the story revolves around the battle between Heaven and Hell. Our protagonist, the lone and unnamed hero battles his way through the hordes of demons to save the town of Tristram. The hero ventures into the deep caves and dungeons beneath the town’s cathedral, eventually entering Diablo’s lair where he must put an end to the Lord of Terror. I assume most of us got a tad nervous at the sight of Diablo.

2. Doom

Let’s move on to id Software’s, . It’s been almost twenty-three years since its release and undoubtedly everybody has heard about this game. Well, let’s say hello to our marine, Doomguy, armed with his trustworthy shotgun (or preferably a BFG), who fights his way bravely on Mars through an invasion of demonic enemies. Even though it doesn’t have an outstanding plot, the combination of gore and overwhelming numbers of demonic spawns, makes it up for an amazing gameplay.

3. Warcraft: Orcs & Humans

Couldn’t avoid mentioning about Blizzard’s first game, could I? Of course not. In just a few days, Blizzard celebrates twenty-two years since the game was released. Long story short, the game is set in Azeroth, and as the name indicates, you can play as either the invading, bloodthirsty Orcs or the Humans, inhabitants of Azeroth, so that means that there are two separate story lines, one for each side. The game has a variety of missions and in most situations, the main focus is to explore the world, gather as many resources as you can, build up your army and successfully defeat your opponent in battle.

4. Age of Empires I

About nineteen years ago, Ensemble Studios released their first Age of Empires game. What joy and happiness it was for us, gamers, to be able to explore a new world, starting with just a few units and a town center. But the game is not only about exploring, it’s about creating and developing your own civilization, advancing in technology and building up your own empire. Those who found an interest in history, enjoyed every bit of the atmosphere created in the game (furthermore, AOE II and III, were of great help especially during history classes).

5. Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars

The second Heroes game created by New World Computing, was released twenty years ago. Most certainly some of you may have heard or played this game’s successor, Heroes III, of which I can proudly say that it is in my top favorite strategy-based games. Nonetheless, Heroes of Might and Magic II is an amazing game, which continues the story of Lord Ironfist (Heroes I), the ruler of Enroth. After his death, his two sons, Archibald and Roland fight against each other to take control of the power in the kingdom. The main focus of the game is to explore the map, gain new skills and experience, capture new castles, upgrade your buildings and create armies so that you may defeat the opponent heroes.

That’s it for now. Stick around because there will be more parts of “Nostalgic moments”. *big smile*

What are your favorite nostalgic moments in gaming? Over and out!

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