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After a lovely journey in the world of nostalgia, where we explored some wonderfully made games from the 90’s, it’s time to move on and continue our list in Nostalgic moments Part II!

WARNING! Spoiler monster up ahead!


“5…4…3…2…1…GO!”, and then wreak havoc. That’s how we remember Carmageddon. For those who do not know, Carmaggedon was released by Stainless Games in 1997, and it’s about cars, but it definitely isn’t your normal racing game. Of course, you’ll be facing the classic make-it-in-time to go through all the laps, but you can add to that some killing and smashing the opponent cars or pedestrians, but hey, it was fun. Using your car as a weapon was pretty catchy especially if you had in mind to cause some damage around. With certain limits but without specific rules, we all loved the liberty we had regarding the way we wanted to play the game. As for the characters that were the most memorable, I would like to mention about Max Damage with his Red Eagle and Die Anna, with the Hawk. The game does get messy and violent that didn’t stop us from playing it.

Jazz Jackrabbit

Some people loved Bugs Bunny, others liked Roger Rabbit, and there are those who enjoyed the famous green rabbit with a blaster gun, Jazz Rabbit. Released by Epic MegaGames about twenty-one years ago, the game is based on the well-known story, The Tortoise and the Hare, and it is about the never-ending battle between rabbits and tortoises. Wearing his red bracers and bandana, and his blue blaster gun, Jazz ventures though different levels and worlds in order to save the princess, Eva, and Carrotus (cheesy, right?) from Devan Shell, the villain, who happens to be the leader of the Turtle Terrorists. The game has six episodes, where you can travel in various worlds, and also find new weapons and fight against many creatures.

Might and magic VII: For Blood and Honor

Couldn’t skip this one because it is by far one of my favorite and most memorable games that I’ve played so far. I could take a whole day just to think about how amazing it was for me to explore such a beautifully made piece of art. The game was released more than 17 years ago by New World Computing. I can honestly say that the plot is extremely complex and it is as captivating as it can get. There is an entire world to explore known as Enroth. You start off with a group of four heroes and you could chose the race of each character by picking between humans, elves, dwarves and goblins. Questing in this game is absolutely bewitching and throughout the game you gain experience, and different abilities, learn new spells, and acquire various artifacts and a lot of gear - the game has great skill and magic systems. If you really want to take your time, the game could take up to fifty hours of fantastic and memorable gameplay. And I do believe the game has almost everything and it engulfs us with a variety of fantastic creatures. Want to see Dragons? You’ll be seeing a lot of them. Ghosts? Yup. Elementals? Of course! What about angels and demons? Hell, we’ve got them too.

Overall? Brilliant game. Oh, and that music - I still find myself searching for the soundtrack and listening to it for hours.

Disciples: Sacred Lands

Sadly, an underrated game, but in fact a jewel, Disciples: Sacred Lands was released by Strategy First about seventeen years ago. Disciples is at turn based strategy game, with an interesting plot, set in the world of Neevendaar, where a never-ending fight takes place between the Empire, Mountain clans, Legion of the Damned and the Undead hordes. Exploring the land, improving your city, and fighting the enemies are the key aspects of the game. Each day you would get an income depending on how much conquered land you have. You could also hire and upgrade your units, build new structures, learn new spells, and ally yourself with other factions. In case you want to be victorious, planning is very important, especially before going to battle. If you liked the Heroes series, you would definitely enjoy the Disciples series.


Cheesy name, isn’t it? Blood is a first-person shooter that was released by Monolith Productions in 1997, and as the name implies, I would say that the game is a cascade of bloody and gorish moments. Our protagonist is Caleb, an experienced gunfighter who fights off a horde of zombies and demons, and other creatures that are just ready to get you when you’re not looking. There are a variety of weapons that you can chose from, like a Tommy Gun, shotguns, and even voodoo dolls, and be certain that you’ll be seeing a lot of blood – extreme amounts of blood. There is a lot of dark humor in the game but it’s not as bad as it sounds because it adds to the spark of the game. The game has neatly-designed levels, and you’ll be enjoying four episodes, each having about six or seven levels where you can visit different locations and massacre some hellish creatures. Overall, it’s a pretty fun and creepy game, and it’s definitely not for the weak hearted.

That's it for now! Get ready for Part III! *big smile*

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