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After enjoying the wonderful and entertaining year of 2016, it’s time to embrace the new year, with lots of games, books, and who knows, some other pleasures that make our lives a lot more beautiful. So, I am wishing you a Happy New Year, my dear readers!

As for me, Santa Clause was quite generous and brought with him, a big box which contained a game and a pair of awesomely looking controllers for the PlayStation 4, shaped in the form of… guitars! That’s right, we got Guitar Hero Live!

Warning! May contain spoilers.

It is the first Guitar Hero I’ve tried, and I never imagined it would be so fun. The game was made by FreeStyleGames and was released in 2015.

Addictive, easy to understand but slightly challenging at some points, the game is pretty much what you need to get out of your comfort zone. The game is an amazing multiplayer and it is as entertaining as it can get – so grab your friends and get ready for some fun!

Also, the guitar, which is the actual controller, is well-made and quite good looking, having a six button layout – three black buttons on the top and three white buttons on the bottom row, which really gives you the feeling of a “real” guitar. It may take a bit until you get used to the “chords”, but do not falter, because you can always change the difficulty and eventually master those powerchords! As a beginner, I had a hard time playing all the chords, but baby steps were the key for me to have an amazing gaming experience.

There are two playable modes, Live and TV. The Live mode gives you the possibility of playing a variety of songs from a first-person perspective, as a guitarist, alongside your band and your audience. As for the TV mode, you may choose out of different themed channels, and play the songs which are broadcasted on that certain channel. Not only that you can play and unlock the songs, you can also enjoy their videos on the background. Oh, and there’s also a big agenda of songs that you can choose to play (limited though) but so enjoyable! I for one prefer the TV mode, because it reminds me of the old MTV we used to love, with all those awesome songs, and almost all the time I get surprised by the new songs that can be played, and that I don’t get to nerd-rage at the crowd that’s being rude towards my awesome guitar skills!

For me, playing on a stage and noticing the crowd’s reactions was quite shocking. I was not expecting that the scenery of people cheering or booing would have such a big impact on the way we played the game. Seeing this, could improve or worsen the way you play the strings, so get ready for some action, and do not, I repeat, do not hit the floor with your guitar!

Did I mention the big hit of nostalgia? Yes. It hits you right in the feelings, hearing those songs that you love and haven’t heard in a long time. Plus, you get to enrich your music playlist with songs that you haven’t heard before.

Overall? From my point of view, Guitar Hero Live is quite an engaging game, and it is definitely worth playing co-op. – Oh, and you can have your own crowd to cheer and applaud you, making you feel like an awesome rock star!

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