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This week, exciting news broke with a casting breakdown for The Inhumans TV series, coming later this year to ABC. They've also taken the unusual step of releasing the first 2 episodes on IMAX as a movie.

While Agents Of SHIELD has introduced the concept of Inhumans, almost as a replacement for the mutants that Fox own, the casting details released indicate that this series will indeed focus on the Inhuman Royal Family.

If you want a breakdown of this, check out Tom Bacon's article here.

Not Your Average Show...

For years there were rumors of Vin Diesel being interested in playing the lead for Inhumans, the mute but all powerful Black Bolt. When this was a movie it seemed a lock(jaw) to happen but with the shift to TV and Diesel's box office pull and fee being high, this appears to rule out the possibility.

However the IMAX screenings, in effect make the first 2 episodes the Inhumans Movie we were promised by Marvel, so this may lead to some bigger names being interested, coupled with the shorter run of 8 episodes total, some big hitters could well end up being cast.

The ages being mentioned rule out some of the picks who might have made the cut had Black Bolt been slightly older, Aaron Eckhart, Jason Statham and Mark Strong.

So who would I like to see?

Tom Hardy as Black Bolt

Tom is no stranger to working in TV, with Taboo and Peaky Blinders both complimenting his now A-List movie career rather than hindering it.

Hardy has the physicality to be able to act without voice, as shown in Mad Max: Fury Road but also the bearing of someone who could be a powerful and dangerous king. His casting may fit with filming of his other shows and movies and his name recognition would guaranteed ratings.

The only issue is his DC connection, even though he was signed to play Rick Flag in Suicide Squad before having to drop out, he claimed to have his eye on another piece of "prime real estate" in the DC universe with Lobo being a distinct possibility along with John Constantine. If Marvel and ABC are quick, can make the schedule fit then there is a good chance they could nab Tom.

Crossover into the movies would be a big pull for both and a coup for the Studios to "steal" him from DC.

Abigail Spencer as Medusa

Spencer played alongside Tom Hardy in This Means War and certainly, with a dye job looks the part of the Queen of Inhumans.

The major obstacle is her show Timeless, which has recently finished it's first season on the rival NBC network. As with all first series however, there is a risk that it didn't quite do as well as hoped and it may be cancelled. If so this may lead to this casting working out.

Spencer has show she can carry a TV series, has the chops and chemistry with Hardy so it might be that it's worth Marvel trying.

Hugh Dancy as Maximus

While just outside the quoted casting age at 41, Dancy has major TV pedigree and a loyal fanbase from his time as Will Graham on Hannibal. With Mads Mikkelsen already having appeared in Doctor Strange there may be a way in to talk to Dancy.

The shorter season may appeal as well with rumblings of Hannibal returning and his participation in Hulu's The Path.

Indeed his former show could be a very good bait for ABC. With the viewers Dancy would bring, it is not beyond the realms for ABC to poach Hannibal as an enticement should he sign up here. Acting wise Dancy can play dark, unhinged and charming in equal measure, he and Hardy could easily appear to be brothers and is used to playing

Richard Madden as Karnak

Madden is familiar to sprawling drama from his role as Robb Stark in Game Of Thrones. He has the right acting ability to play a character who sees flaws everywhere he turns and is well versed in fighting. Some martial arts training may be required, however on paper he is a very good pick and would bring some "Throners" over to the show.

Stu Bennet as Gorgon

Wrestler alert! Gorgon is known as the warrior of the group and somewhat of a hot-head with hooves that could kick the daylight out of any enemy.

Bennett is an interesting case, having walked out of the WWE due to frustrations with his character and "being held back". As "Bad News" Barrett/Wade Barrett he showed excellent speaking skills and appeared in Dead Man Down with Colin Farrell, doing a good job.

Being a wrestler lends itself to the physicality needed for the role, and he is a big man at around 6ft 7". Without the WWE restrictions he could easily bulk up back to his best, at which he was very much like Gorgon.

While unproven as an actor it was always clear Bennett was not your average lunkhead and with him yet to sign up for any other wrestling promotions, I could see not only an audition but a casting here - especially with the success of Dave Bautista as Drax.

Ben Hardy as Triton

Ben seemingly had it made when he left Eastenders to play Angel/Archangel in X-Men: Apocalypse, however his character was seemingly killed off. This may allow Hardy to switch over to the Marvel side of the MCU from Fox and take this role.

Hardy is used to TV, not a big name and with the right CG enhancements could very easily fit into the role of Triton. He was able to get in good shape for Angel's fight scenes so it's easy to see this happening again. Things didn't quite work out as an X-Man, but as an Inhuman there is scope for more of Ben Hardy.

Abigail Breslin as Crystal

Abigail has appeared in many movies and is currently part of Scream Queens which may be under threat after it's second season didn't do as well as hoped. Breslin has the right look and has acted alongside many of Hollywood's top stars in her already long career including Mel Gibson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ben Kingsley & Harrison Ford.

Bringing her into this show is smart, she will bring gravitas to the role and potentially be able to cross Crystal into the movies without looking out of place.

Toby Kebbell as Lockjaw (voice)

Lockjaw's "sentience" is not only a major plot point from the comics but has been talked about as part of philosophical debate between Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. Is the giant Bulldog who can teleport simply a "dumb animal" or does he have sentience?

For the purposes of the show, Lockjaw should be sentient and have a voice, even if it is part of a hallucination or trick by Maximus.

While it's a small role, with Peter Dinklage already in talks for a role in Infinity War (M.O.D.O.K most likely), then it makes sense to get him to pull double duty with a voice for Lockjaw but it's not likely. Toby Kebbell would be a good choice for this, he has the right kind of accent and experience of bringing creatures to life in the Apes movies.


If there's a criticism here, it's that "diversity" may be an issue. This is a thorny issue for the Inhumans as there are not "portrayed" as having minorities in the comics, so there would be some controversy whether they replace a member with a minority actor or not.

This is the cast I'd go with, young, all up and coming or the next big things. It's a good strategy to inject Inhumans with the same vibe, as a viable replacement for the X-Men in the MCU.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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