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2017 has already begun to pick up the slack where 2016 left off in taking another movie legend. Miguel Ferrer has passed away from throat cancer aged just 61.

The son of legendary actor Jose Ferrer and singer Rosemary Clooney, and cousin to George, Miguel was one of the best recognized character actors of his era, appearing in movies and television over 4 decades.

Miguel's best loved role is that of Bob Morton in Robocop, the well meaning but overeager and ruthless board executive who perhaps best personified the 80's "greed is good" culture and whose "party" being crashed by Clarence Boddicker launched a thousand memes.

Ferrer was likable as the ill-fated Morton and parlayed this into roles with some of the best directors during the rest of his career including David Lynch in Twin Peaks:Fire Walk With Me and perhaps most recently as Vice President Rodriguez in Iron Man 3.

He could play laid back, serious or crazy equally well with roles like Lloyd Heinreid in The Stand being as memorable as his big movie roles.

Ferrer also worked as a voice actor, appearing in DC animated films, playing Martian Manhunter and Sinestro, for Disney in Mulan and most recently Adventure Time. He was very much sought after as a performer and was a series regular on NCIS: Los Angeles at the time of his passing.

While not perhaps an A-Lister in terms of recognition or stature, he was certainly A-List for talent and inherited his father's charisma - mixed with his own unique charm. That he is SO recognizable without that recognition speaks volumes. Hollywood is a poorer place for sure today.

Personally for me I remember Bob Morton the most, you hated him at the start, then started to get it... Then they killed him off and you hated them for it. That's the mark of a great character actor and Miguel certainly was that.

I am sure we'd all like to wish his family our condolences and thank Miguel for some great memories.

Miguel Ferrer 1955 - 2017

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