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When you hear the world then you often think of either some "faux zen" piece of advice about living in the now - or some kind of McGyver type solution. They're often moderately useful but a little redundant as the "situation" they're meant to solve rarely comes up.

There is one situation that comes up all the time, and it's one of the most anointing and costly to the self-esteem of people everywhere. That dreaded, awkward moment when someone says...

Those words immediately bring dread, whether if it's your new boy/girlfriend, parent or worse...a child it can feel like they're testing your strength. A simple jar can take on all the properties of , only those worthy can open it.

Worst case scenario is that dreaded moment where you CAN'T open it either...and any inadequacy the person asking felt gets put straight onto you...on top of your own!

The majority of modern jars are glass with a metal lid, vacuum sealed so that tampering can be seen. When the jar opens for the first time, the lip "pops" indicating that it's already been opened.

Depending on how the jar was stored, that lid can be stubborn because it has SHRUNK onto the jar. Putting an unopened jar in a cold place, like a fridge is asking for trouble opening it!

This will immediately expand the metal lid off of the glass and the lid will come right off. astounding the person who couldn't open it and having them thanking you for a tip they'll remember!

The only caveat with this is not to wet the jar if you're not using all the contents... putting water and metal together into a fridge is asking for trouble... so only use this if you're not saving any of the jar.

It's simple, clever as hell and one tip that always seems to astound people and have them wishing they had thought of it sooner.

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