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Beau Travail (1999)

Dir: Claire Denis

Stars: Denis Lavant, Michel Subor, Grégoire Colin, Richard Courcet

This film focuses on an ex-Foreign Legion officer as he recalls his once glorious life, leading troops in Africa.

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Archangel (1990)

Dir: Guy Maddin

Stars: Michael Gottli, David Falkenburg, Michael O'Sullivan, Margaret Anne MacLeod

An amnesiac soldier, seeking his lost love, arrives in Archangel in northern Russia to help the townsfolk in their fight against the Bolsheviks, all quite unaware that the Great War ended three months ago.

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Sans Soleil (1983)

Dir: Chris. Marker

Stars: Florence Delay, Arielle Dombasle, Riyoko Ikeda, Charlotte Kerr

"He wrote me...." A woman narrates the thoughts of a world traveler, meditations on time and memory...

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From the East (1993)

Dir: Chantal Akerman

Stars: Natalia Chakhovskaia

A look at life in Eastern Europe after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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The Holy Mountain (1973)

Dir: Alexandro Jodorowsky

Stars: Alejandro Jodorowsky, Horacio Salinas, Zamira Saunders, Juan Ferrara

In a corrupt, greed-fueled world, a powerful alchemist leads a Christ-like character and seven materialistic figures to the Holy Mountain, where they hope to achieve enlightenment.

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Goodbye to Language (2014)

Dir: Jean-Luc Godard

Stars: Héloïse Godet, Kamel Abdelli, Richard Chevallier, Zoe Bruneau

The idea is simple: A married woman and a single man meet. They love, they argue, fists fly. A dog strays between town and country...

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Inland Empire (2006)

Dir: David Lynch

Stars: Laura Dern, Jeremy Irons, Justin Theroux, Karolina Gruszka

As an actress starts to adopt the persona of her character in a film, her world starts to become nightmarish and surreal.

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