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I would love nothing more than to see Tomas Jane step back into the role, and I stubbornly refuse to let that unlikely dream die. Whether you think the 2004 movie was good or bad, I'd say, (and most would probably agree), that Jane was perfection in the role of Frank Castle. One of my biggest cinematic regrets is that he never got another chance to portray the character. That being said, even in his most douchebagiest of roles, I love Bernthal, I think he's a terrific actor, a perfect fit, and I'm beyond stoked to see him take a shot at playing the Punisher. Bernthal replacing Jane is like switching out your favorite pistol for a different sidearm that's just as comfortable, and every inch as accurate. This may not be my gun of choice, but the action is smooth, the caliber is the same, and it's gonna put the shots right on target every time. Welcome back, Frank.

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