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A girl who left her last name because she didn’t want to join the same old crowd of new people.

She made last name for herself and for next generation.

Her younger sibling got the same surname that she made once for her.

She never knew what she was born for as like many other ones.

She got the nature of stubborn in her from her mother and the optimistic nature from her father.

She admired her father but she never wanted to be like him or like any other else.

She learned about the letters, the numbers and the people.

She was followed by many eyes, many suspicious spidery eyes. How to read the intentions behind those eyes was beyond her learning.

She failed many times, she fell so many times, she broke trust of many, and she made mistakes many times.

People laughed at her, made terrible comments, passed judgements, and subjugated her under so many lecherous adjectives.

She wanted to get out of the dirt, she wanted to get out of the hell that was made by her.

She didn’t want her name to be doomed.

However, that was not easy for her to save her skin from those worms, was not easy for her to be freed by her will, and was not as easy as she thought it could be.

She was abused, threatened, assaulted, mocked, raped, judged.

She cried all nights under the sky, which was not shined, she cried all her heart to the gods but she was never heard, she cried out to people whom she thought as her only last saviours but she was left alone.

She lost her hopes to survive at last. She became an emotionless creature and thought herself as a leftover for the rest of the world.

The love, for she was running behind since her birth now ripped her apart from her family, from her beloved father.

Nevertheless, a stubborn and optimistic soul was never died inside her. It was burning as it would burn cities to the ground and would turn people into ash under its rage.

Moreover, she rose from her own dirt and shit. She understood from her mistakes. She wanted to survive the war that had been waged against her by cruel world and merciless society.

She became a player in the game of survival and won it by playing wicked games. She was never good in playing games but time made her excellent.

She left things behind in vengeance.

She knew that was not the time for revenge but she knew time would come for her, sooner or later.

Now, after years and years, she can remember everything that was happened to her without any glitch. She can remember every word, every abuse, every face and everyone.

She has lost her innocence, kind nature, humane inside her soul.

But, nothing would make her a loser ever because she is a brave heart and she knows it.

She left her last name not to become unnamed, she left her last name to become a ‘Name’.

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