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Intergalactic Fowl Hilarity

After rewatching Guardians of The Galaxy while putting up the Christmas tree a couple weeks ago, I became intrigued with someone. To be honest, it was my least favorite end credits scene that released. (At the time.) Yeah man, I'm talking about Howard The Duck!! And after following James Gunn on Instagram for some time now, I learned that Howard is his favorite comic book. So naturally, I wanted to check him out for myself!! :D

(And yes, I'm aware of George Lucas' film. I watched a review of it, and it's TERRIBLE!)

Before I start talking about the comic I've recently enjoyed, let's be real. makes a lot of weird heroes! I know we've established that Doctor Strange is weird, but Howard The Duck is a different weird. I mean, weird on whole other level!! Basically, Howard is from an alternate dimension where all the people are DUCKS! And for some reason, he's a part of 's universe. Let me unwind on my latest fascination!!

I won't spoil what happens in Howard The Duck 1-11, but it's a great solid story for such an unusual character. We see Howard being friends with the likes of Spider-Man, Aunt May, Daredevil, Steve Rogers, and more! Hilarity ensues. Also it contains a gripping plot. I would have to say that Howard The Duck is the second funniest comic I've read. (Second to Deadpool.) The only disappointing factor is that it's SO freaking short! Hopefully, will give us more Howard in the future.


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