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No, don't look away. Please watch this show. (And read this article.) Well, it's FINALLY here!! Lemony Snicket's is now streaming on . So, let me unwind my honest thoughts on 's latest show.

Like l said, please watch this show. I just LOVE it when a favorite book series of mine is adapted. Yes, I did enjoy the 2004 film. (Who doesn't love Jim Carrey?!) But unfortunately (heh heh), there was only one film and didn't create a franchise like the films. It didn't do well enough, according to some people. Also, fact: Jim Carrey HATES doing sequels. But fear not my fellow Lemony Snicket enthusiasts!! (so far) is doing quite well with . Here's why!

I am really enjoying this show! Mostly because of Neil Patrick Harris' portrayal of Count Olaf. I can easily tell he's quite enjoying the part. But not as much as I'm enjoying it. He's dastardly. He's hilarious, and I can FINALLY enjoy a character played by him!!! (I never really got into How I Met Your Mother.) At first I was unsure of Patrick Warburton portraying Lemony Snicket. But honestly, he's perfect for it. His deep voice and demanding presence perfectly captures the narrator's melancholy.

also features more actors. We see the likes of Joan Cusack, Alfre Woodward (the woman from Luke Cage), and much more to come! I will say my only nitpick of is the children's performances. Don't get me wrong, they're NOT terrible! At certain points they tend to be just a tad bit stiff. However, the baby who plays Sunny Baudelaire is cute. (I think babies are cute, okay?! I'm going to be an uncle sometime next month!!)

Do I like this version better than the movie? Yes and no. Let me explain why not first. Their are somethings that the movie has that doesn't. The movie has my opinion, better music. (However, I do immensely enjoy the tv show's intro song and I haven't downloaded its soundtrack from iTunes yet.) Also, who remembers the AWESOME end credits animation from the movie? And one the last one is a no brainer: freaking Jim Carrey! That being said, let's talk about why the show is better. It's more balanced. Obviously due to the fact that the entire book series will be shown. Also, we get a more faithful adaptation from . As a bibliophile, this pleases me. Lastly, we're getting more content over time! Season two has been confirmed as well as the third.

So, please watch this show!

Oh did I mention that Will Arnett and Cobie Smulders are in this show too? They are!!!



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