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Wubba Lub Lub Dub Dub!!!!!!

IT'S TIME TO GET SCHWIFTY! Screw Family Guy! Screw The Simpsons! And screw Robot Chicken!!! Let me talk about the funniest show on tv, ! Don't like this so far? Well....

Last month I wanted to watch something new. It's been a long time since I watched a smart animated program such as Regular Show or Adventure Time. And since I'm twenty-four, I wanted something mature. Lo and behold, ! It's the inter dimensional sci-fi parodical cartoon soaked with pessimistic philosophy. Confused? Think of this as Back To The Future meets Doctor Who meets The Simpsons (when they were funny.) I discovered while watching clips of it from my favorite videos. I loved what I saw. What won me over?

I just LOVE Rick! He's basically if Doctor Emmet Brown from Back To The Future if he were an alcoholic nihilist. In other words, he's a TOTAL JERK!!!!! Who doesn't love a (fictional) jerk?! He and his insecure teenage grandson, Morty go on inter dimensional galactic adventures. Involving nods and references to sci-fi literature, horror, and pop culture. is NOT for kids. Let me explain why.

can be immensely depressing. For example, the Meeseeks (from episode five) appear to do favors only so they can die.

In one episode Rick (being a man of science) gives a harsh perspective about the phenomenon we call love.

And let's be real is pretty screwed up! Look below at the Channel, Wisecrack's episode of the Philosophy of ! (They explain this amazing show immensely better than me!!)

With that being said, begs the question. Do I, Ryan Christopher Gilbert, take the shenanigans of seriously to heart?? The short answer to that dear reader, is "No." The LONGER answer is, "Nooooooooooooo." (Ha ha Strong Bad reference!) If I were five years younger, I would be depressed the heck out from this show. Personally after surviving through something like Depression, I have an immensely STRONG taste for dark humor. (I also give credit to my Grandmother and Uncle Steve.) I know the sting of hopelessness all too well, but thanks to shows like I can passionately laugh at it!

That being said, I love ! It appeals to viewers such as myself. I love the pop culture references and nods to classic sci-fi literature that goes over my head. I also love the pessimistically dark themes of each episode. (I also love that Stephen Colbert made a guest star appearance!!!) But most of all, I love how is one of my favorite coping mechanisms to fighting Depression! What do you think? Do you love ? Tell me below!

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!!!!!

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