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“So, what do you want to do tonight?”

If you've ever answered that question with, “The same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world.” You had a great childhood! But, unfortunately, too many times the answer to that question has been less than productive. “I don't know, what do you want to do?” “I don't know, you choose.”

For friends and couples out there that have had this conversation one too many times, you've come to the right place! When one of those nights come up, and all you want to do is sit at home, chill and (really) watch some (no, really, just watch Netflix), allow me to throw a few suggestions your way. Here are 17 of the perfect pairings of take out and television, binging and boob tube, and snacking and the small screen!


Feeling Italian? Boil some noodles and fire up one of these selections:

The Walking Dead

But only on Tuesdays! Hershel's orders.

Lady and the Tramp

Mama Mia! Meatballs are a must. But don't attempt the slurp/kiss scene unless, you know, it's appropriate.


You can add candy, marshmallows and Pop Tarts, but that might be too much. Maple syrup is just fine.

The Godfather

Make sure you throw on some Clemenza's sauce & meatballs, with a little bit of attitude.

The Big Bang Theory

Chinese take out


Sex And The City


This one is for those who might actually Netflix and chill after dinner, if you have one too many Cosmos, while you're eating sushi off your HEY whoa, slightly NSFW video ahead.

The Vampire Diaries


Because who doesn't like breakfast for dinner?

Damon in flannel, cooking pancakes, listening to Shine by Collective Soul in 1994. Good times!

Parks And Recreation


Because...see above.

Kick it breakfast-style!

Everybody Loves Raymond

Braciole, a.k.a. “brajole”

Make it, but don't use a recipe. Real cooks don't use recipes.


The Moist Maker

The food from this show included spaghetti, Monica's candy, and that pizza that had anchovies on it, because Ross hates anchovies and they were just on a break. But nothing tops The Moist Maker, the turkey sandwich that's just so moist!

Spongebob Squarepants

Krabby Patties

Fellas, if you choose to watch this with your lady, the best of luck with that. Those better be some damn good hamburgers.


Loose meat sandwiches

The sandwich meat wasn't the only thing that was a little loose in that scene.

Lord of the Rings


Cooking the fish, totally optional. But when you're asked how you want your it prepared, make sure you get up in their face and say you want it raw and w-w-w-wiggling!


This stuff:

Dharma quality!


You can't go wrong with some Papa John's!*

*This message was not brought to you by Papa John's, but if Papa feels the need to compensate me in pizza for that shout-out, Canadian bacon and pineapple, please!

Gilmore Girls

Coffee doesn't quite go with pizza, but the word on the street is you can't watch Lorelai and Rory without it.

Back to the Future Part 2

We're still waiting on those dehydrated pizzas, Papa John's.

Home Alone


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