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Batman is my favorite superhero.

Ok well I have mixed feeling about this movie. First off, I love the idea of Batman fighting Superman. Batman is my all-time favorite superhero and I've always had argument with people about whether he was better than Superman. Now I know this movie probably won't settle those argument, but I still can dream. I think this movie will really kick off the DCCU.

From watching the trailer, I think I'm going to really like the storyline of this movie. In the trailer, Batman can be seen running toward a crumbling building, that Superman knocked down, to save somebody important to him. The idea that Batman will be filled with rage and wanting revenge on Superman will really be something that I look forward to.

Now all we have to do is wait until November 2017 gets here so we can drool while we wait in line to see this movie. I personally am ecstatic for this movie. 2017 can't get here quick enough.

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