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The last episode in the 4 night DC crossover aired today and i will discuss everything that you missed just be careful for spoilers if you haven seen the episode yet.

First of all Oliver asks Supergirl( Kara Danvers )to sit this one out as he is hesitant to trust her now it may appear that Oliver is being a Dick but as he explains it he too has a limit of crazy that he can handle and he was being like a leader I know he made Barry in command but he felt like it was his job that he had to trust every member on his team abut he couldn't trust Kara yet but that all changed by the end of the episode. Next we have sort of the same thing with Cisco and Barry if you are watching the Flash you may know that Cisco and Barry are currently fighting mainly because Barry changed the timeline leading to the death of Dante but in this episode Cisco goes back in time and does something that changes the timeline and understands that Barry did what he thought was right so they are kinda good now. Another awesome thing that we saw was Citizen Steele in his comic book costume for the first time and Rory mocks him by saying that he looks like a star spangled idiot. Because Cisco and Felicity are on the waverider there are a ton of references to the movies are dropped for example when Felicity starts talking gibberish one of the phrase she spoke was right out of a star trek next generation episode she says "Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra" they dropped a princess bride reference next Cisco dropped a Spielberg reference that a War Of The World reference and many more references. They also learned that the Dominators were after Barry for creating Flashpoint so Barry has to sacrifice himself or all the meta-humans and a lot of regular people will be killed and Barry being the hero he is decides to do exactly what the Dominators want but than there is like a team building moment where everyone is like we wont let you do this and they defeat the Dominators together at the end there is a funny refrence when Atom played by Brandon Routh who also played Superman said that Kara looks like her cousin. Cisco gave Kara a device so that she could travel between dimensions if she needs her help or a crossover which will take place in the back half of the season. There is also deep line where Sara and Oliver discuss that it all started with them getting on that boat which has a double meaning that all this crossover started with the Arrow-verse which all started with them getting on that boat overall this was the best crossover episode so far tell me what you guys think down below.

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