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movies are classics, no one can deny that - but there's something missing from these lovable and heart-warming timeless tales. characters.

Wouldn't it be great if Disney had an LGBT couple or character in one of its upcoming movies?

"I think it's just important that people see more than the stereotypical "perfect" straight relationship, the world's a lot more diverse than Hollywood usually makes it look, and I think if anyone can - and should - change that, it's Disney." - Josh Wegwerth

We Must Educate Future Generations

It saddens me to think of the oppression that the LGBT community has had to face. Still in this day and age there are people who think being anything but straight is wrong. Lets change that.

A great way to change this would be to educate people from young so that the world can be a better place for the next generation. Disney could really help to do this by including an LGBT couple and portraying the relationship to be natural and as normal as a boy and girl falling in love.

"I'd like to see this simply to introduce kids to this idea of people of the same sex being together. It'll help establish a sense of acceptance and make them more aware of the world around them. Also, this sense of acceptance can make them more open to the idea of coming out in the future if they are LGBT as well." - Alex Miramontes

It Would Really Help LGBT Kids

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Growing up is a struggle for someone of the LGBT community. I can't imagine the fear they must feel when they come out in the hopes of being accepted. No one should feel like this. Knowing who you are and how to tell people shouldn't be difficult or confusing. Life would be so much easier for a child growing up if they knew from the beginning that you can love anyone you want to love. Disney could help children to understand themselves and also help LGBT people not get bullied for their sexuality, because education is the best way to beat ignorance. I want to teach my own child to be comfortable in his own skin and to make those around him feel comfortable too despite their sexuality - it would be great if I had a few Disney movies at hand to help me, but the only movies I have are ones with the classic "boy meets girl" story line, where the princess and prince fall in love and live happily ever after. I'd love my son to see a movie where two princesses fall in love with each other, or have a family with two dads.

"One of the main reasons I want it isn't any sort of progressive reason but simply for the fact I'm bored. For 80 years we've watched practically the same movie of the pretty young girl meets Prince Charming in some way and in some form. It's like half of Disney movies. Switch it up, have some fun with the format. LGBT would be a great start to that." - Toby Dorman

Let It Be A Main Character

Disney have already made a start in having an LGBT character (I know, awesome right?!) In , it is suggested that Oaken (the "big summer blowout" guy) is gay. This is great, but Oaken is a minor character that's hardly in the movie. It's a good start, but I'd love to see a main character be LGBT because it deserves to finally be in the limelight. A main LGBT character or relationship would be inspirational and huge so please Disney, make this happen! Maybe Elsa?...

We All Need To Stick Together

We need to teach people that it's OK to be yourself. Whether you're straight, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, demisexual or asexual (etc.) - it doesn't matter. Sexuality doesn't define you. Maybe I have no right to make a comment on LGBT matters when I myself am heterosexual - WRONG. It's everyone's business. Everyone should be fighting against discrimination and prejudice and coming together in celebrating and helping the LGBT community to feel at home. We all need to support each other. Having the entertainment industry help out is just one way of sharing the love and spreading an important message. C'mon Disney, keep being awesome and give us an LGBT movie!

What do you think? Would you like to see more LGBT characters in Disney movies? Thanks for reading, and let me know your opinions in the comment section below!

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