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Christmas is going to be even more magical with the highly anticipated release of in 2018, and so far the live action remake looks promising. I can't wait to see the unique spin that Rob Marshall will hopefully have in store.

Here's What We Know So Far...

  • Rob Marshall will be directing.

  • The cast includes Meryl Streep, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Emily Mortimer, Ben Whishaw and starring will be Emily Blunt (perfect casting if you ask me!)

I really hope that the remake will be as heart-warming and touching as the original. It has a lot to live up to, but I believe this can be achieved and when the movie is finally released, we will not be disappointed. So far the have been popular and simply stunning. I can't wait to see what's in store.

The beauty of Mary Poppins for me is the nanny herself. She's firm but fair, strong-willed but gentle, tactful and kind yet assertive. She truly is practically perfect in every way, and if anyone can give advice on how to live your life, it is most certainly Mary Poppins.

The Mary Poppins' Guide To Being Practically Perfect In Every Way!

If Someone Treats You Unfairly, Mess With Their Head

You can demand to be noticed and treated fairly without getting aggravated, as proven by the nanny's first appearance. As soon as Mary Poppins enters the Banks' household, we fall in love with her. She is evidently a woman that does not stand for any nonsense (which makes her a superb nanny!) Mr Banks is rather dismissive of Mary Poppins and couldn't be less interested in her if he tried. His attention is caught when he sees Mary reading from a piece of paper that he previously tore up, and it's amusing to watch him try and work out how the hell she managed to put it back together again. Yet this clever move gets her closer to the children and shows us what type of person she is, and a taste of what's to come. What's perfect about this scene is that you don't need to get angry or shout at someone to be heard or seen in a different light. Mary Poppins doesn't strike me as someone who cares what people think of her, especially if that perception is wrong - and being care-free yet not letting people take advantage is a perfect balance to have and a great way to be.

Gain Respect By Sliding Up Banisters And Doing Other Weird Stuff

You can be respected and liked by just being you. I love Micheal's and Jane's faces when Mary Poppins comes sliding up the banister. Without realising it, their shocked into being respectful towards her. They are so baffled by Mary Poppins's grand entrance that they do not misbehave or be rude towards her, and by using her amazing tape measure later on, she proves to the children that she has them figured out - so it's no use trying anything. What I love about Mary is that she isn't intentionally trying to be likeable or respected. She is simply being herself and doing her job. We should all definitely take a leaf out of her book! (Plus being normal or trying to please everyone is overrated - and life's too short!)

Click Your Fingers And The Job's A Game!

If only that were true! Whatever you are doing (even if it's something as simple yet hideous as tidying up) make sure to have fun! This is amazing advice because no one should spend their life being unhappy or doing things that are detrimental to their health. And since Mary Poppins is so wise, I've decided that I'm never going to clean again and continue to do what makes me happy - binge watch shows on Netflix. What? It's healthy! Mary Poppins said so!

Be Happy

Things like housework, money, and family feuds are unimportant at the end of the day. Time passes so quickly and it's important to fill our lives with as much joy as possible. Mr Banks, for example, is a much better man when he is having fun and spending time with his children whilst singing "Let's Go Fly A Kite" (one of my favourites). It is much better to live your life with a light-hearted approach instead of being cross all the time and dwelling over things that don't matter and therefore shall pass. And as we can also see in the movie, it's a beautiful lesson to teach our children too.

And that's how to be practically perfect in every way!

What have you learned from Mary Poppins? Which live action remake are you excited for? Let us know!

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