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As with its predecessor , has garnered a legion of fans hooked on the coming of age tales of its now-teenage cast. With the fate of Season 4 still undecided by the powers that be at , Cheryl Texiera, who plays Maya's (Sabrina Carpenter) mom Katy Hart on the show, recently released a letter she sent to Disney about the fate of Girl Meets World.

It's clear that, at least on November 29, the fate of Girl Meets World seems to have still been undecided by Disney, leaving both the show's stars and its fans hanging. With Season 3 shooting having concluded some time ago and slated to air its final episode at some point in early 2017, it would appear that Disney has limited time to renew Girl Meets World for a fourth season in order to keep the flow of the show moving.

For his part, August Maturo has long been supportive of the movement. He frequently retweets fan pleas for the show to be renewed and has appeared on shows like the John Kerwin Show to talk about his desire to see the show continue. He's also tweeted about how the cast members are like family.

The fact that both Maturo and Texiera have come forward and joined the movement has added fuel to efforts to see the series renewed, though whether the show stays on or moves to is still a significant question. Rowan Blanchard, who plays Riley, has also spoken out about Girl Meets World hanging in the balance.

While fans and, apparently, the cast themselves still don't know whether Girl Meets World is renewed for Season 4, it would appear that everyone is doing whatever they can to let Disney know that the show is too important to simply let go. With the last show of Season 3 being entitled "Girl Meets Goodbye," there continues to be far more questions than answers about Disney's intent for the show's future.

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