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Debbie Reynolds, Hollywood screen legend and mother to the late Star Wars icon , has been reportedly rushed to hospital.

According to various reports, Reynolds was at her son 's house, discussing funeral arrangements for Carrie Fisher, when she reportedly started to feel unwell. 911 was called and was rushed to hospital, reportedly in fair to serious condition.

TMZ reports that Reynolds had been extremely distraught after learning of her daughter's cardiac emergency Friday Dec. 23. Actress Joely Fisher, half-sister to Carrie Fisher, tweeted a touching image of her with Reynolds within the last hour.

While Reynolds' current condition remains unknown, this is not the first time that the screen legend has been hospitalized in recent years. Reynolds was hospitalized in 2012 due to an adverse reaction to medication, but otherwise, seems to have been in relatively good health. She and Carrie Fisher had been looking forward to their upcoming documentary Bright Lights, slated to air on HBO in March, 2017.

'Bright Lights,' Bright Relationship

Bright Lights is a study of the relationship between Reynolds and her daughter Carrie Fisher, and it's a good one. Reynolds might be getting frail as time marches on, but she is still of the school of thought that the wig must be spot on and the makeup perfect before anyone films her. In fact, The Hollywood Reporter notes that while Reynolds didn't allow her ill health to dampen anyone's spirits, both Fisher and her brother Todd struggle to reconcile the woman they remember growing up with the sunny personality and energetic appearance with the increasingly delicate woman they see now.

At one point, realizing her mother is quite weak - to the point where her attendance at the 2014 Screen Actors Guild Lifetime Achievement Award ceremony in her honor is in question - Carrie Fisher's bipolar disorder flared from the anxiety of worrying about her mother, and she declared wearily, " "You know what would be really good? To get to the end of my personality and just lie in the sun."

It's a moving look at the relationship between the two actors, which has been as complicated as it has been close. Where Reynolds longed for the days when she was watching her daughter sing in her stage show back in the day, Carrie Fisher's remembered her times on stage with self-deprecation, and while doing so, continued to show her affection for her mother and her career.

Now What?

Pundits will no doubt theorize that Reynolds has had a stroke or some sort of medical crisis due to a broken heart over the loss of her daughter, but with acknowledged frail health and advanced age, Debbie Reynolds does not have the Force on her side when it comes to determining how she will fare with this latest health crisis. However, she is decidedly unsinkable, and for a family that has been through so much over the last several days, it seems incredibly cruel to imagine anything other than Reynolds coming through this current health crisis.

Best wishes, , for a speedy recovery.

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