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It's the question that has been unanswered for months now - is Girl Meets World coming to an end with Season 3?

The series' fate has been hanging in the balance for months now as fans and writers alike have become embroiled in speculation with every scrap of "evidence" they find through social media or various interviews. The latest tidbit of information is from , who plays Shawn in Girl Meets World and originated the character in .

On Strong's podcast, Literary Disco, which he co-hosts with Julia Pistell and Tod Goldberg, at around the 7:51 mark, he seems to suggest that the show has indeed come to a close.

“We finished the third season of Girl Meets World,” Strong said on a recent episode of his podcast, Literary Disco. “My brother and I were directing a lot of episodes and I acted in a couple. And the show ended.”

While Disney has chosen not to comment on Strong's statement, the Girl Meets World writing team spoke out, pointing out that Shawn, the character that Strong plays on Girl Meets World, was very often wrong.

Girl Meets Writers took to Twitter again later, admitting that nothing has changed about the show's status and that they are hopeful about its future.

Both Rowan Blanchard (Riley) and August Maturo (Auggie) have retweeted the tweets from the Girl Meets Writers accounts without comment. Strong's statement, however, has led several fans of the show to become concerned about the show's fate.

While rumors, naturally, continue to swirl about the show's fate, there are adults and tweens - and even younger individuals - who are clamoring for more time with the Matthews family and their friends. There is some hope that the show will continue, if not on Disney then on , which used to be ABC Family. Geared to a slightly older demographic than Disney caters to, it would seem that Freeform might be a better home for Girl Meets World as the cast gets older; there will be greater room for the story to explore more "grown up" storylines that everyone deals with as they age. Given the respective ages of (Riley, 15), (, 17), (, 18), (, 17), (Zay, 17), and (, 15), the thought of the show focusing on issues that would concern much younger individuals would not make sense. Freeform might be a far better venue for the show to explore issues that teens deal with.

Regardless, for right now it appears that may have spoken out of turn, or that people have taken the notion of the show "ending," as Strong said, out of context. The writers from say that will be making a decision soon about the show's fate; fans can only hope for positive news to come out of Disney waiting so long to decide about whether to renew the show.

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