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As villains go, we seem to be getting a conflicted one in , aka , in this current Star Wars trilogy. The character seems to be experiencing a greater sense of inner turmoil, even more so than his grandfather , but Adam Driver, the man behind the mask, says this is simply part of the greater scope of the character.

Driver, who portrays Kylo Ren, says that Han Solo and Leia's son will be revealing some greater sense of humanity in Star Wars: Episode VIII. There have been multiple theories as to what could happen in Episode VIII, and those theories have gained greater momentum following the death of Carrie Fisher, who played General - once in the original trilogy - in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. There have been plenty of rumors that Fisher was to play a bigger part in Episode VIII with an even more expanded role for Episode IX, but now that she has passed, there seems to be a big question mark as far as Leia's future is concerned.

MovieWeb reports that will be meeting on January 10 to discuss how to proceed with the trilogy following the loss of , and it would appear that there is now a great deal up in the air as far as Episode VIII and Episode IX are concerned. There is a possibility that the storyline involving Leia might be cut and reshot, which could engender fan hostility; there are many of Fisher's fans who were looking forward to what is now her final cinematic appearance, and to cut Leia's story arc might be a wound that would be quite difficult for many to overcome. However, if the rumors that Leia was to encounter her son, thereby leading to greater inner conflict, are true, any part of that storyline that would move into Episode IX would be extremely difficult to work with, depending how the story is worked.

When prompted about whether or not Kylo Ren would continue to survive and thrive following Episode VIII, Driver told on Larry King Now that it "depends on what your idea of living is..."

When audiences last saw the Sith Lord in training, he was on the crumbling Starkiller base, having just duelled , who has unwittingly been gifted with the Force in a way that appears potentially stronger than that of Kylo Ren. He was also grievously injured, having sustained a laser blast to the gut and bled during his lightsaber battle with and then Rey.

Certainly, Kylo Ren does not appear to be lusting for power in the way that the Emperor was during the original Star Wars series of the 1970s and early 1980s. Even when faced with killing his father, Han Solo, there were audience members who were convinced that the young man was struggling with the idea of killing him. What does appear to be the case is that Kylo Ren sees what he's doing - besides following to the letter - as being absolutely correct.

Currently, audiences have no clear notion about what led to seek refuge on the isolated planet of Ahch-To, or what led Ben Solo to become Snoke's apprentice. Whether Episode VIII chooses to give us a Leia-Kylo Ren storyline that brings her back together with her twin brother remains to be seen, but what remains fairly evident is that audiences will definitely see continued conflict for Kylo Ren, Rey, Luke, and probably Leia as well.

Star Wars: Episode VIII is directed by and is due to hit theaters Dec. 15, 2017.

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