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Remember the title scroll for Star Wars: The Force Awakens? There is a critical line in the scroll for The Force Awakens that may put to rest any theories about what could be in store for The Last Jedi.

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' [Credit: Disney / Lucasfilm]
'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' [Credit: Disney / Lucasfilm]

Jedi Master Yoda, who passed on and became one with the Force in Return Of The Jedi, also told Luke as he was dying that when Yoda passed, Luke would be the last of the Jedi.

Also, there has been some speculation that Mark Hamill is "done" after The Last Jedi:

Hamill later clarified that by "done," he simply meant that he'd finished filming his part for Episode VIII, so it could very well be that he could assume the mantle of The Last Jedi.

But hold on, can this really be that easy? Things have never been so simple in the universe. Remember when Vader revealed to Luke that he was Luke's father in one of the biggest reveals in cinematic history during Empire Strikes Back? No one saw that coming, except for maybe Becca (Anna Kendrick) from Pitch Perfect. While Becca can be forgiven for the inadvertent misspelling of Vater (the German word that really means father), there's likely more behind The Last Jedi reference in the scroll for The Force Awakens and in Yoda's final words to Luke.

Can Luke Truly Be The Last Jedi?

Let's recall that when the scroll went by to open The Force Awakens, there was no introduction of Rey at that point. In fact, no one would have known where to even find her, as she was orphaned, from what the audience knows, on the desert planet of Jakku. No one, not even Rey, would have been aware of the powerful forces lurking within her — forces that she has yet to understand and learn to control, though they served her well when it came time to leave Starkiller base.

She's young, she's agile and she has at the very least a rudimentary control over what appears to be the Force. From a storytelling perspective, it makes great sense to have this strong female hero become the last Jedi that the title for Star Wars: Episode VIII refers to. It also makes a lot of sense from the perspective that she was the one who was able to call Luke's lightsaber to her and evade Kylo Ren's clutches.

However, to naturally assume that Rey is about to take on the role of The Last Jedi may also be a bit too easy in the grand scheme of the Star Wars universe.

The Conflict Of Color

The graphic of the new title might be revelatory as well:

All other title graphics in the Star Wars series have featured gold letters on a black background. Typically, red has been the color of Sith Lords. While as far as we know, Kylo Ren hasn't yet been anointed a Sith Lord, he is descended from one, so with that said, there is a lot now on the table.

Could Kylo Ren be the last Jedi? Is a reformation of this father killer possible?

There are a world of possibilities as far as Kylo Ren — a.k.a. Ben Solo, Leia and Han's son — is concerned. To say that the man is conflicted is an understatement; he struggles with Rey and the fact that she's got greater control of her mind than he is able to penetrate, and then he appears to struggle with the idea of killing his father. Yes, he ultimately does the deed, much to the horror of anyone who loved Han Solo, but he definitely appears hugely conflicted over the idea throughout the scene.

The red could be representative of the evil that Kylo Ren has within him, while The Last Jedi could represent the hopes that Luke and everyone else involved in the rebellion had for him.

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' [Credit: Disney / Lucasfilm]
'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' [Credit: Disney / Lucasfilm]

Does Size Matter?

If we were to really take a further look at the graphic released by Star Wars, let's examine the size difference. Star Wars is in huge letters and red, while The Last Jedi is quite a bit smaller and in white. Is the last Jedi — whether it be Luke or Rey or some unknown quantity that we have yet to be introduced to — facing near impossible odds in confronting the Dark Side, which looms all around?

While the way the title graphic's design is very much in keeping with the one released for The Force Awakens, if one was to consider the symbolic nature of contrasting sizes, one could argue that The Last Jedi could be about a last stand of sorts.

Of course, everything will be revealed in December 2017, but the theories that are already circulating are boundless.

What are your thoughts about this recent reveal?

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