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When you hear the name Kristin Chenoweth, there's little doubt that you'll either think of the woman behind April Rhodes, a frequent Glee guest star, or the originator of the role of Glinda the Good Witch in Broadway's Wicked. She is, however, a huge player in the world of voice acting, which may not be too surprising for some, but only further highlights what a versatile actress she is.

At just 4'11", it's clear that 's voice is stunningly bigger than her compact frame, yet she has never let that hold her back. A Broadway veteran, Chenoweth has appeared in the previously mentioned Tony Award-winning Wicked, for which she was nominated for her role as Glinda, and won a Tony in 1999 for her role in You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown. She's also appeared in 12 voice roles, with a few more on the way. What makes her such a huge hit as a voice actor, though?

3. Her Humor

With every voice role she plays, it's clear that Kristin Chenoweth is having a good time. Whether it was as Gabi, the potentially poisonous tree frog from Rio 2, or as little Kilowatt in Space Chimps, there was no mistaking that Chenoweth was enjoying herself immensely. Truth be told, shouldn't that be what everyone expects to have in a job?

2. Her Skill As A Singer

Kristin Chenoweth's skill as a vocalist is not to be denied; one need only listen to her sing "Popular" or "For Good" from Wicked to realize that the woman has serious singing chops. Whether it's in Rio 2 where her character Gabi serenades the sleeping Nigel or as Miracle Grohe in the series finale of Sit Down Shut Up, Chenoweth proves that her incredible singing voice can shine in any medium.

1. Her Innocence

Sure, Chenoweth has played a recovering alcoholic in Glee, an ambitious political reporter in The Good Wife, and a racist, competitive mom in Hairspray Live!, but whenever she plays an animated character, she is innocence — even when she plays a "villain." Fifi from The Peanuts Movie, for instance, isn't nasty or mean; she is an innocent damsel in distress. In Space Chimps, Chenoweth's Kilowatt was sweet and kind. There's a certain innocence that Chenoweth brings to every voice role, and it's incredibly endearing.

What's Next?

As far as voice roles go, Chenoweth will be playing Princess Skystar in My Little Pony: The Movie, due out later this year, and has been recently announced for the role of Mouse in The Star, a film about the heroes of the first Christmas. She is, of course, also busy with her role as Easter in Neil Gaiman's American Gods and is set to play Josephine in Micah The Asshole Ghost. She's also very occupied with her ongoing music career, as she's currently touring across the United States for a series of concert appearances.

Whatever Chenoweth has planned next, it's certain this powerhouse will continue to make her presence known in every media form she's conquered.

Here's Kristin Chenoweth and singing "For Good" from Wicked in Trevor Live!

What other voice actors and actresses do you admire?

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