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Never mind the fact that became the biggest superhero movie to date this year, or that fans of the movie are already looking forward to Wonder Woman 2. Let's also forget, for a moment at least, that it is in part because of Wonder Woman and 's standout performance that anticipation for November's is riding high. The simple fact is that in Gal Gadot, we have a real life embodiment of who Wonder Woman should be.

All joking aside, one thing remains clear as we look at Gadot's Twitter feed and her recent round of press leading up to her appearance Oct. 7 as guest host on . Although she hasn't demonstrated heroism in the strictest sense, she embodies a good lot of the traits of the character she portrayed on screen.

Mother Knows Best

It's fairly common knowledge that Gadot was considerably pregnant during the filming of Wonder Woman. Much has been made of the fact that director and her team had to cut out a swatch on Gadot's Wonder Woman costume and make it green so that her 5 month baby bump could be edited out of the film. However, now that she's a mom with two kids, she's become known for letting us know that she's basically like the rest of us: sleepless nights and early mornings sometimes happen to her thanks to her young children.

She also revealed that she figured out that there's no one perfect life when you start a family, and that really, your children are supposed to be a part of the life you're building.

"At the end of the day, your kids join your life and you bring them here and they join your life. You're not supposed to change your life to accommodate the children," Gadot said. "Now, of course, our children are always the very first up high priority, but I realized that it's OK to have a different life. It's OK not to have a routine and not to be like everyone else. And, it's OK as long as the family's together and you're happy and you do it together, it's great."

It's All About The Team - And The Lessons

Gadot has been open in her admiration of the work that Jenkins and the rest of the cast and crew put into the filming of Wonder Woman, but she also demonstrated obvious mother's pride when she talked about her oldest daughter's reaction to the film. Alma, now 6, had a small role in the picture, and Gadot revealed the youngster's reaction when everyone began realizing just how big a response Wonder Woman was getting.

"All of a sudden, Alma was sitting like this next to me, looking into my eye and jumped, hugging me," said Gadot. "And she said, 'I'm so proud of you Mommy.'"

Gadot mentioned that the moment allowed her to show her oldest that good things don't happen sometimes without hard work, and the little girl was able to "get" the big lesson that her mother was teaching her.

"We worked hard enough," she said. "People love the movie. It was worth it. It was worth it. [Alma] started getting happy tears and it was like our entire family achievement. It wasn't just me. It was all of us."

Recently, she's also admitted that her daughter has learned to "keep it real" and really understands what Wonder Woman is about.

"Honestly, every woman is a Wonder Woman," Gadot said on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, impersonating her daughter. "My mom is just the biggest one because she does the movie."

She Gets That Superpowers Come From Within

It's easy to marvel at all the really cool things that Wonder Woman did in the film. After all, approached life with the attitude that she could do just about anything, and when she entered the World of Man, she was equal parts innocence and badass. She wasn't about to let anyone - man or woman - tell her she wasn't able to do something when she knew that she could do it herself. As Wonder Woman, Diana was empowered and ready to help legions of people if necessary.

Gal Gadot may not be a superhero, but she understands that real power comes from within, and when you look at either her Instagram or her Twitter accounts, you can see that she wants people to understand that we can be powerful without special powers like the Amazonian princess was gifted with.

For , Gadot also reminded people - men and women alike - that they should never forget just how much they are worth, and not to let others forget either. It's a valuable lesson, and one that speaks volumes about how people should view their own self-worth.

She's Real

One of the biggest reasons that Gadot's Wonder Woman resonated so much with audiences is that she was someone relatable. Sure, we aren't all stunning beauties raised on an island of beautiful, warlike women, but Diana Prince approached life with a desire to help, a love for humanity, and an innocence in how she viewed the world.

Gal Gadot is much the same way. Whether she's playing Box of Lies with or reading Mean Tweets on , she has no problem in embracing the funny or in expressing her honest confusion about some of the quirks of North American culture. As an Israeli, there were just some facets of North American life that Gadot wasn't introduced to, like Halloween, where she reflected on the strangeness of encouraging kids to knock on strangers' doors to ask for candy.

She also revealed that she had never eaten a peanut butter cup, and was only too happy to try it in front of a live studio audience on .

She also had Kimmel stunned when, as the talk show host is admitting to being a fan of the superhero genre, she guilelessly asked him what he thought about her breasts. While she admitted to blushing at the time, she acknowledged the criticism that had already started about the fact that she was not exactly a buxom Wonder Woman.

It was something that the actress later made fun of when she read a Mean Tweet on Jimmy Kimmel Live:

So while Gal Gadot is definitely not a superhero in the Wonder Woman sense, she regularly shows all of us that it is possible to channel superheroes by being the best versions of ourselves.

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