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is just around the corner and the anticipation is mounting for what will surely be an amazing event. Many publishers and developers are promising their A-game, bringing the most anticipated games to the show floor in a display of technological might and engaging premises. From to to , there will be a plethora of new content to go gaga over, not to mention all the unannounced content that will sneak up on us.

But despite all this, there is one game that needs to make a solid impression. I am of course referring to Santa Monica's upcoming title, simply titled .

What We Know So Far

God of War takes the always angry Spartan Kratos to the Scandinavian pantheon, where snow capped mountains, dragons, Odin and Thor rule supreme. Kratos is also a changed man: he's a father now and appears to be the sole guardian of his son. With his new found responsibilities comes a new gameplay style, featuring an over the shoulder approach and a more intimate combat style as opposed to the zoomed out and emotionally detached 3rd person violence of the earlier games.

One moment in the gameplay reveal showed Kratos becoming furious at his son for taking an unprepared shot at an elk, only for his trademark Spartan rage meter to calm down as Kratos collected his thoughts. It seems like the once furious God of War is trying to better himself, control his demons, and be the most positive role model for his son that his violent rage can muster. This is a more mature and measured Kratos, but with no lesser capacity for bloody violence.

Time To Come Back Swinging

But there's just the thing: we haven't heard a peep about God of War since E3 2016. If you look at most of the games that were featured on that stage last year, a good chunk of them have already been released. But God of War is part of a small club of games that have remained silent.

Not one article or feature has been published featuring new information since the Expo last year. Since the game has been dormant for almost a year now, I think Sony Santa Monica have to come out the gates swinging with God of War. A trailer as well as some gameplay showcasing new mechanics is needed here, as well as a tentative release date for fans to get excited for. The demo that was released last year made a huge impression with fans and ended up winning the Special Commendation for Graphics from the Game Critics Awards in 2016.

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