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Ronda Rousey's UFC chapter is closed, at least for now. After a return shrouded in suspense due her devastating loss to Holy Holm, and her UFC 207 media blackout, Rousey was completely dominated by Amanda Nunes. A lot of people believe it is time to finally retire. Jon Jones doesn't, but her mother said it should have happened already.

I would like to see her retire," Dr. AnnMaria De Mars said to TMZ Sports. "I would have liked to see her retire a long time ago."

Regardless of the last two fights, Rousey has changed the sport of MMA forever and set her up life. She has nothing left to prove, maybe to herself, but at least not to the general public. Nothing will change the fact that Rousey convinced Dana White to create a women's division and she spent 3 years reigning over her division flawlessly.

"Who wants to see their kid get hit? She’s got a lot of talent in a lot of other things. Movies, writing, producing, she’s really, really smart," De Mars said. "I told her that at the beginning when she started this. I said, ‘You’re smart and beautiful, let the stupid people get punched in the face.’ Sorry, stupid people."

While her mother thinks that should leave MMA to pursue other endeavors, she understands that it's not her decision to make. The Octagon will always be there for Rousey if she still wants to compete, it's up to her and her only to decide if it's actually worth it.

"I think she’s an adult and she can make her own decisions. If you get in a fight with somebody or you’re angry with somebody, that’s not the time to make decisions," De Mars said. "I think decisions are best made when you’re not really emotional and obviously losing something is a real emotional thing.”

Flashback to Rousey's mom on The Ultimate Fighter

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