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Yair Rodriguez Pelé kicks himself back into the Octagon this weekend to take on blood-licking legend, BJ Penn. The Prodigy has tried to return to the UFC since this time last year, after an IV policy violation and injury speed bumps, the time is now.

A lot of questions surround Penn's return, and Rodriguez believes he has all the answers. Even though he's known for flashy striking, he told Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour that he'll submit him.

Not only is Penn a slick demon on the ground at any age, he was the the first non-Brazilian world jiu-jitsu champion. If Rodriguez is able to submit him, he'll make history as the first fighter ever to actually tap out Penn. With an accomplishment like that, climbing to an eight-fight win streak would just be icing on the cake.

Seven years ago, was admittedly watching highlight videos and in awe at seeing him jump out of a swimming pool, now he believes he will give him his very first submission loss on Sunday.

Listen to Yair Rodriguez's full appearance on the MMA Hour.

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